How Do I Get Free Text on Delta?

Whenever you travel via air to your favorite destination, you could miss internet connectivity because you can’t use the internet on the flight. But if you are traveling on Delta Airlines flight, then you can get the facility of free texting as Delta’s high-speed Wi-Fi to allow you to connect with your friends, family, and colleagues when traveling on-board. Delta allows a free text messaging facility to its passengers that is only limited to text messages instead of sending photos or images. You can get free text on Delta when you fly to your preferred route, and you will require connecting it, which is quite simple to do.

Things to Know About Delta Free Messaging:

No need for purchase: There is no need to purchase free messaging on Delta as it is complimentary of cost.

Texts and Emojis allowed: You can't send photos or SMS as you can only send text messages due to the Wi-Fi speed or specific restrictions. Sometimes sending messages may take a long time where the usage of Wi-Fi is more as compared to normal.

Download apps before boarding: The facility of free messaging is available on all Delta Wi-Fi-enabled flights, which is limited with apps like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and iMessage. So, make sure that your smartphone has such apps because you will not be able to use Delta's free messaging services without these apps.

How to Connect to Delta Wi-Fi and Free Messaging?

Do you want to connect to Delta’s Wi-Fi to book or check your flight status on without purchasing a Wi-Fi pass? Then you can easily connect it and send a free text message from your Smartphone using different platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and iMessage that would be limited to only text and emojis.

Steps to connect to Delta’s Wi-Fi and free messaging:

  • First of all, switch to Airplane Mode in your device’s Settings.
  • You can turn on your Wi-Fi from the Settings of your device.
  • Now you can choose from the available list of Wi-Fi networks.
  • Now you will be redirected to the Wi-Fi portal, and then you will be connected to free Wi-Fi.
  • You can also type into the search bar if the page doesn’t load, and then you can choose the Free Messaging option from the Wi-Fi portal.

Delta Airlines Wi-Fi Subscription Plans

You can only send a free text using the mentioned apps like Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and Whatsapp. But if you want to send text messages through the different applications, you can purchase Delta Wi-FI as per your budget. You can dial Delta Airlines customer service phone number at 1-800-221-1212 or 1-802-332-1212 purchase the plane online at the official Delta website. You can select any subscription plan from the below list:

Monthly Domestic Plan: This plan starts from $49.95 where you can access the Wi-Fi on all the domestic Delta Wi-Fi equipped flights.

Monthly Global Plan: This plan starts from $69.95, where you can get monthly access to all the global Delta Wi-Fi-equipped flights.

You will be able to know if you can text on Delta planes and the process of connecting to free Wi-Fi. If you still require any help related to free text messaging, contact Delta Airlines using the different options.  

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