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How do I Get Avianca Compensation?

Often during a journey, due to technical fault or negligence of the airline, passengers suffer a loss of some kind. In such cases, the passenger can lodge a compensation claim to recover the loss.

Suppose you are traveling on an Avianca flight, and on reaching the destination, you discover that your checked baggage has been completely damaged in the cargo section. So read on to know How do I get Avianca compensation? From Avianca Airlines for the loss caused by the airline’s negligent services.

Conditions under which Avianca gives compensation.

Delay or cancellation of flights: In case your scheduled Avianca flight is delayed or canceled by the airlines causing inconvenience to the passengers, a compensation claim can be made to the airline.

Denied to board the flight: If Avianca refuses to allow the passenger to board the flight due to overbooking or non-availability of seats, a compensation claim can be filed.

Baggage irregularities: If a passenger's baggage is delayed, damaged, or lost by Avianca Airlines, the passenger will be eligible to claim the compensation for the loss. 

Missing flight for the airline’s fault: Sometimes the check-in and security queue are too long, and a passenger misses the flight because of inability to reach the departure gate on time.

Inconveniences caused onboard: if your selected seat or other services were not provided on the flight, report the issue to Avianca and ask for compensation.

Avianca compensation policy:

  • The loss must be valid and not a minor error to claim compensation.
  • Avianca compensates the passengers with appropriate measures if the loss or inconvenience is proven on the evaluation of the compensation form.
  • Compensation claims must be made within the given time.
  • Avianca compensates passengers in the monetary form of Redemption of LifeMiles, Miles with Allies to be used for future Avianca services.
  • The amount of compensation would be decided on the extent of loss suffered by the passenger with other terms and conditions.

The process to get compensation from Avianca:

Online request for compensation: To inform the airline of the issues regarding inadequate services or suffered loss, you can use the compensation form. To  get Avianca compensation follow the steps in the manner described:

  • Go to official webpage of Avianca Airline on avianca.com
  • Click on “My Trips”
  • Enter the necessary details of reference number and passenger's last name
  • Select the compensation form 
  • Write the mandatory details in the form
  • Explain the complaint and the reasons for claiming the compensation
  • Submit the form.

Avianca will revert to you shortly with complete information regarding the eligibility and status update on the compensation claim.

Call customer service: you can contact Avianca customer service on the phone and speak to someone to file your compensation claim and get related information. To file the compensation claim on Avianca Customer Service Phone Number, try the easy steps mentioned:

  • Call on 018000 953 434
  • Press the IVR option to connect directly with an Avianca representative
  • Share your concerns, give the details of the passenger and the flight
  • Request to register the claim for the compensation
  • Resolve the other queries on the compensation policy, time taken to compensate, etc.

The customer service person will give you the reference number of the compensation claim and other information pertaining to it.

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