How Can I Get a Refund from Lufthansa?

The process of getting a refund on Lufthansa airlines is available on the official website of the airline. You do not face any problem in completing the process as you get all the details mentioned on the official website very easily. In case you are not able to understand the Lufthansa Refund Policy on the official website, you can get full information regarding the same from the Lufthansa Phone Number through the customer care center of the airline.

Lufthansa airline provides the facility of easy cancellation and a smooth process of refund. You have to cancel your flight booking in order to apply for a refund. You have to complete the process of refund through the official website. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps to get a refund from Lufthansa-

  • Check your inbox to get confirmation regarding the cancellation of your flight booking.
  • Get access to the official website of Lufthansa Airlines.
  • Select ‘menu’ on the top right of the home page of the official website.
  • Select ‘book and manage’ in the options available on the webpage.
  • Choose the option of ‘refund’ and open the link of ‘refund’.
  • As per the Lufthansa Refund Policy enter your basic information such as name, country, contact number, etc.
  • Enter the details of your ticket number and booking code to Get a Refund from Lufthansa
  • Select one of the options- (a) the entire ticket was unused (b) a part of the ticket was not used.
  • Revise the details and submit the refund form
  • Save the confirmation sent on your mail id for further use

You can fill out the refund form on the official website and complete the process of filling out the application for a refund through the Lufthansa Phone Number as well. The refund process of the airline is mentioned on the website and you are always free to contact the airline if you get stuck or do not feel comfortable at any stage of filling your refund application.

Methods to get a refund

You get a Refund from Lufthansa in the original form of payment that was used at the time of making the reservation. The method of getting a refund is similar for all airlines. The official website of Lufthansa contains all the detail regarding the Lufthansa Refund Policy and the time taken during the refund. The details regarding methods to get a refund are mentioned below-

Cash Payment

Lufthansa issues a cheque in the name of the passengers who canceled the flight and applied for a refund. It is sent to the address filled in the refund application. This process is usually completed in 7 to 10 working days.

Debit card payment

It is the quickest method of getting a refund. You get the refund amount after making the necessary deductions (if necessary) within 2 to 3 working days.

Credit card payment

The refund on a credit card usually takes 10 to 15 working days depending on the terms and conditions of the credit card company.

The process to Get a Refund from Lufthansa is not very complicated. You have to complete the process according to the Lufthansa Refund Policy. In case of any inconvenience or problem in completing the refund process, you can resolve your queries through Lufthansa Phone Number

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