How Do I Get a Refund from China Eastern Airlines?

Things To Know About Requesting A Refund From China Eastern Airlines

China Eastern Airlines is known for its flexible cancellation and refund policies to cater to the changing needs and requirements. The airline understands the genuine inconveniences you can face with your trip; it has introduced customer-friendly policies. You can easily cancel and request a refund with these policies in effect.

It is not rocket science to learn to get a refund from China Eastern Airlines. The airline only requires you to adhere to the cancellation and refund regulations. In this article, you can learn about those terms and conditions and the easy process of requesting a refund. Let’s check them out!

General Cancellation and Refund Terms and Conditions: China Eastern Airlines

Below mentioned are some of the essential refund/cancellation terms and conditions for your reference:

  • The airline grants a full refund if you cancel the reservation within 24 hours of the booking period.
  • However, the airline requires that you buy the ticket at least a week before the flight’s scheduled departure to rejoice from the 24 hours policy.
  • You obtain a full refund if the cancellation is made from the airline’s end due to ill-weather conditions, staff shortage, or operational dysfunctions.
  • If you surpass the risk-free cancellation period, China Eastern Airlines deducts the charges and refunds the rest in your registered account within ten working days.

Once you go through the terms and conditions, you are ready to process the refund request. The next section can enlighten you about completing the refund request formalities hassle-free. 

Steps To Request A Refund From China Eastern Airlines

Do you wish to know the drill behind China Eastern Airlines get a refund formalities? Here is a list of effective steps to help you cancel the reservation and request a refund in real-time:

  • First off, go to the official China Eastern Airlines using your preferred browser.
  • You can see the My Trip section on the homepage; select it.
  • Now you get a drop-down menu. From the menu, you need to select the Order Management link.
  • Wait until the next page loads on your screen, and then fill out the blank text fields.
  • Enter the ticket number, first name, middle name, last name, and tap the Manage Booking button.
  • Now go to the flight cancellation tab and follow the further procedure.
  • Comply with the instructions carefully and provide essential information regarding the flight’s cancellation.
  • Next, if there are any cancellation charges, the airline requires you to pay them.
  • Complete the transaction and wait for the refund link to appear on your screen.
  • Submit your refund request, and the airline sends you the request submission information.

You can also use the link mentioned in the email to check the refund status. However, it takes around seven to ten business days to get a refund China Eastern Airlines. However, if it takes longer than expected, you can try contacting the airline. Moreover, the reason could be the unawareness of the terms and conditions. The agents can guide you efficiently with the refund status and how you can make the process even more seamless. Book your next trip with China Eastern Airlines to lead an untroubled flight booking experience.

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