How do i Get a live Person on the Phone?

When you need to contact someone, the most reliable and trusted mode is to call them. With an airline, customers feel the same. Phone customer support is provided by almost all airlines. You can get their number from their official websites. Then you can dial and wait for them to come on the call. 
To get to know how I get a live person on the phone, you can refer to this article...

How to get a live person on the phone?

You can get a live person by calling them on the official numbers. To contact via phone, top airlines provide customers with their phone numbers. 

Here is a list of the top airlines with their official phone numbers that will get you in touch with them via phone support:

United Airlines:

The phone numbers of United Airlines related to different queries are as follows:

  • Booking a new reservation: 1-800-864-8331 
  • Help with current or upcoming reservations: 800-864-8331
  • Receipts and other services: 1-800-490-2021
  • Baggage: 1-800-335-2247
  • Mileage Plus: 1-800-421-4655

Turkish Airlines:

The Turkish Airlines phone numbers for different regions are as follows:

  • India     0008000501565
  • Japan     +81368372337
  • USA     +18008748875
  • China    +861056971330
  • Canada   +18008748875

Delta Airlines:

You can call on Delta Airlines with different query numbers as follows:

  • Refund                8008470578
  • Baggage               8003258224
  • General sales and services 8002211212
  • Delta vacations          8008001504

Jet Blue:

The list of phone numbers JetBlue is given below:

  • In Costa Rica          0800-012-1666
  • In Cuba, 800 52583
  • In the UK             08-082349058 
  • In Germany, 0800-6648288
  • In Ireland             1-800-657427
  • In Colombia           01800-9-156761

You can get a live person on the phone in customer support when you contact these numbers to the respective airlines.

Tips to get a live person from an airline to talk with you:

Several occasions can occur when a customer needs to contact the customer representative via phone. The reasons could be high call volumes, unavailability of the agent to receive a call, poor network, etc. What should the customer do? How will they contact customer service? Here are some tips on other phones that will help you to get customer service;

  • Chat support: You can get the chat service on the airline's website, and as you click on it, you can chat in real-time messages with their agent.
  • Social support: Send your notes on the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the airline from your account and talk to them on these public platforms.
  • Contact form: You can fill out the contact form online on the airline website and give them your time and date of preference to get a call from them to talk to them without waiting in phone lines.
  • Email: You can choose to email them and wait for the response. Write your matter in simple language while you compose an email.


Phone calls are available for the convenience of the customers. You can talk to a live person on the phone when you follow the steps to contact them. You can call on different numbers that airlines provide to increase your chances of getting in touch with the agents. If you have difficulty connecting with them on the phone, you can use these tricks to get them in contact with you in another way.

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