How Do i Get a Hold on Brussels Airlines?

Brussels Airlines is the largest airline of Belgium, having its headquarters and base at Brussels airport. It flies to over a hundred destinations across Europe, North America and Africa. If you have not yet booked a flight with Brussels Airlines, you are definitely missing out on a luxurious experience in flight. Therefore, in order to book a flight with it, you need to go to their website or contact its customer care.

The ways through which you can contact Brussels Airlines

Via Social Media

Brussels Airlines has social media presence over Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter. The Airlines can be contacted on such platforms. A prerequisite is that you should have an account associated with such social media platforms, only then you can log in and contact Brussels Airlines. Moreover, the links to all of its web pages are mentioned on its home page.

Via Chat

As soon as you open the website of Brussels Airlines, you find a chat icon on the bottom right hand of the screen. Once you click on it, the pop up opens.The following steps makes you understand easily as to how you can proceed with it-

  • It is termed as Brussels Airlines smart assistant, where it is advisable to type in short sentences.
  • There are a number of options provided in that chat window. You need to select the one which you find the most appropriate according to your query.
  • Selection of the relevant query is of utmost importance.
  • Then you need to type in further details as the chat window advances towards resolving your query.
  • Once you are done with furnishing the basic details, you are at once connected to a live chat agent from Brussels Airlines.
  • All you need to do is type in your query, and the representative shall provide you with a resolution as soon as possible.

In this way you can contact Brussels Airlines through chat medium.

Via Call

The brussels airlines customer service is available twenty four seven to assist its guests and passengers. In case you are in need of calling their customer service, all you need to do is go to their contact us page which is located on the top right of the page.

Before you call up their customer service, make sure to keep handy all the relevant details like flight itinerary which includes flight ticket number, reservation number

Once you are connected, choose your preferred choice of language. After that you follow the instructions of IVR and wait till you are connected to a representative.

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