How do I Get a Hold of Iberia?

If you have made the reservation of your flight ticket with Iberia but have to proceed with the last-minute change and cancellation. In that case, they don’t have to worry too much as the airlines allow the passengers to make quick changes or request the customer service executive to do the same for them. The questions that arise are what are the ways to get a hold of Iberia and ask them for required and necessary assistance? The steps that are required to be followed to get hold of the agent are explained here for you as follows.

Methods to Connect with Iberia Customer Service

The steps to get the hold of the executive is simple and quick, as explained here for you as follows:

Connect via phone Call

The most basic way to connect with the customer service agent of the airline, where all you need to do is to dial the Iberia Customer Service Phone Number, and the rest of the process is given here as follows:

  • Dial the customer service number 1 (800) 772-4642, and once you get connected, you must follow the IVR process. 
  • Press 1 to continue in English.
  • Press 2 to make the changes to your flight ticket. 
  • Press 3 to proceed with the cancellation of your ticket. 
  • Press 4 to request a refund of your ticket.
  • Once the IVR process is complete, there will be a short hold, after which the agent of the airline will connect with you to provide you with the necessary assistance.

Connect via Live Chat

The passengers can also opt for the live chat method to get a hold of the customer service executive. The steps that you have to follow to get a hold of them over chat are explained here as follows:

  • Jump onto the official website of Iberia Airlines, and once getting connected, you are required to click on the option on the ‘Contact’ page. 
  • Search and select the chat icon from the contact page, and follow the auto-generated chat process in the text box. 
  • Once the auto-generated process is complete, the agent will connect with you over chat to provide you with the necessary and best assistance. 
  • You may also get asked to submit feedback about your experience with the airlines.

Connect via the Contact Form

The passengers can make the request for a callback from the customer service agent of the airline. They can find the option of a contact form on the official website of the airline, where they have to provide their personal information, along with their phone number, email, and address. You may also have to enter a brief description of your query and the necessary documents supporting it. Once the form is complete, press the submit button, and the agent of the airline will connect with you within 24 hours.

Bottom Line

Feel free to visit the official website of the airline and as them for special assistance and help if you can’t figure out a way on how do I get a hold of Iberia? And for more information, visit the official website of the airline. 

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