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How Do I Get a Hold of Alaska Airlines?

Are your travel plans uncertain? And you worried about a last-minute plan change? Well, you do not need to worry. These days, the airlines offer the best option of holding your ticket; it means you can lock your ticket fare for 24 hours before final purchase, so if you are not sure about your trip, it's best to hold your ticket for 24-hour rather than booking it.

In the case of Alaska, if your want to get a hold of Alaska airlines, you can go through the complete information below.

Simple steps to hold your ticket in Alaska Airlines?

You can hold your ticket in Alaska airlines by going through the website or speaking to customer service. To hold your ticket online, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the official website of Alaska airlines on your browser
  • Click on the section BOOK at the top
  • Go to the tab book a flight
  • Select the trip option out of one way or round way
  • Now enter your departure, arrival dates, and destinations
  • Click on the tab FIND FLIGHTS
  • Now select the flight that suits you
  • On the payment section, you will get an option to hold your flight
  • Click on the HOLD option and follow the instruction

Now your flight ticket is on hold for 24 hours. Within 24 hours, you can confirm your booking at the same fare on which you hold it. However, if you find it difficult, you can take customer service assistance to hold your ticket. Follow the steps below to get a hold of Alaska Airlines via customer representative.

Speak to a customer representative to hold your ticket

The other way to hold your ticket is to speak to a customer representative; you can follow the steps below to hold your Alaska Airlines flight.

  • Go to the official website of Alaska Airlines on your system
  • Go to the contact us page to get all the contact information
  • Go to the callus section to get the phone numbers
  • Go for the number available under reservation/pre-flight questions
  • Now you call the customer representative
  • Follow the Automated instruction on your phone
  • Now say speak to a customer representative
  • Once you speak to a live person, give all the information related to your booking and ask to hold the flight ticket.
  • After you get a hold of your fight, you will receive a confirmation mail
  • Using the booking number received, you can confirm your booking later.

So this is how you can get a hold of your ticket. If you cannot speak to the customer representative, you can also go for the other, like you can chat with the live person, using the live chat option of Alaska Airlines. You can also mail your query by using the official mail address of Alaska airlines.

Terms and conditions to hold your ticket

  • Using the hold feature, you can book your itinerary for free and pay it later within the time.
  • You cannot hold a ticket and itinerary for the same person twice
  • Holding ticket at fare depends on the availability; the airline has the right to cancel your ticket before the hold on ticket expires
  • Once the period expires, you cannot book your flight at the same price you hold it.

Get hold of Alaska airlines; reading the information above, you can now get a hold of your ticket anytime. Apart from this, it’s always best to speak with a customer representative before you hold the ticket.

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