How Do I Find My American Airlines Flight Number?

Generally, once a flight booking completes, you receive a confirmation in your email. And this helps you to get a ticket number or booking reference. But sometimes, it may happen that you lose the email or accidentally delete the email. In such a case, you wonder about the flight number. Well, you can get it from different methods that are explained below. So, you can go through the mentioned information to find the flight number. Or else, you may make a call at American Airlines phone number to get all details.

Where You Can Find the American Airline Flight Number?

You can find the ticket number in the given ways:

Confirmation Email - Whenever you book a flight ticket on American Airlines, you receive a confirmation email once the flight booking gets completed. In that email, you can find the Booking Reference and Ticket Number. You should open your inbox to find the ticket number through the booking confirmation email.

Receipt from Airport / City Ticket Office - In case you book a ticket from the airport counter or at a ticket office, you get a receipt. On that receipt, you can find the ticket number in the middle bottom of the ticket.

Credit Card Statement - Usually, the ticket number has 13 characters that also contain the airline code. On your credit card statement, the last 10 digits show your American Airlines ticket number. Besides, you should consider that the add-ons like upgrades, seats, and bags do have separate ticket numbers.

Moreover, the initial three digits in the credit card statement show the airline code. And for American Airlines it is 001.

Apart from this, if you can't find the email in your inbox or fail to retrieve the ticket number, you can contact the American Airlines customer service phone number to get help. The support team members will help you thoroughly to get the flight number. Besides, they are happy to assist you round the clock.

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