How do I Contact LATAM Airlines by Phone?

LATAM Airlines comes under the largest airline in Latin America. And here you can have the facilities such as cheap flight tickets, inflight entertainment, special assistance, etc. And if you need aid for the issues arising from the airline, then you can communicate with customer service by phone. Furthermore, if you need the options by that, you can do that, then by reading the subheadings, you can have the votes.

Ways to contact LATAM Airlines customer service by phone 

However, if you are looking for the options by that, you can get to the customer service has been written at the bottom with the details of using that.


If you are the having objective of receiving a better and quick response from customer service, then you can give a right to the airline for that. So the Latam Customer Service Phone Number is 1 (866) 435-9526, and afterward, you have to choose your option from the IVR menu, such as this:-

  • Tap1 to select a language
  • Tap3 to change the flight
  • Tap6 to know about the miles 
  • Tap0 to speak with the customer service 


When you want to connect with customer service by phone, then by installing the airline's official application and choosing the chat option, you can do that. The steps for getting this option are as follows:-

  • Open the LATAM Airlines mobile application.
  • After that, click on the menu icon and choose the help center icon
  • Further, you get to click on the chat icon


If you have to share the attachment with the airline and elaborate on the issues. Then on the airline, you can use the email form and create a case. But if you are using this mode, you can have a response from customer service within 12 to 48 hours. If you require this option, then act according to the steps that are written beneath:-

  • Head to LATAM Airlines' official website
  • After that, you get to click on the hello center icon
  • And then click on the create a case option,
  • On the next tab, you must fill out the details required in the form and click on the submit option.

Feedback form 

When you need help locating or connecting by LATAM contact number with customer service, you can share your travel experience through the feedback form and grab the airline's attention. Now the guide for using this option has been mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Visit the LATAM Airlines authenticated website. 
  • Later on, you get to click on the help center option 
  • After that, you get to choose feedback form icom
  • And then fill in the form and click on the send icon

Social media 

You can get to the airline on social media platforms, also. You can cite your issues directly on their official account or tag them in your problems. Thus to get there, you can use the links:-

  • For Facebook,
  • And for Instagram,
  • To get on Twitter,

Now for the confusion related to contacting LATAM Airlines by phone. The ways mentioned above are the solution to that.

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