How do I Complain to Japan Airlines?

Japan Airlines has never compromised with the quality of its services. They always provide the best for their passengers. But in some cases, you may want to complain to them. They also have provision for it. If you don't get satisfactory service or have any complaints related to them, you are free to complain to Japan Airlines and communicate with them. This article will be helpful to passengers who want to learn about the methods to complain about the airlines.

Different methods to complain to Japan Airlines are as follows:

Through complaint or feedback form:

The complaint form can solve most queries as customer service takes a deep interest in all the complaints they receive through this channel. Please refer to the steps in the below section to give your feedback or express a complaint:

  • Go to the website of japan airlines,
  • Look for the Support section and click on Contact Us.
  • Visit this section and find the complaint or feedback form link.
  • Fill out your complaint form with the correct details.
  • Describe your query in the complaint section.
  • As you submit this form, their team will reach out to you.
  • You can also attach a file if your complaints contain any.

Through phone number:

You can call their team and complaint them about their services in the following section:

  • Navigate through the website of JAp[an Airlines.
  • Go to the Contact Us section.
  • Look for the Call section to get their contact number.
  • You can call Japan Airlines Phone Number 1800-102-4135.
  • You must wait on the call for a few moments to listen to their IVR.
  • Please pay attention to the instructions and follow them accordingly.
  • After the instructions, you will contact them in a few minutes.
  • Now you can complain to their agent present at customer support.

Through chat service:

Please follow the following steps to chat with their agent:

  • Visit the website of Japan Airlines on your search engine.
  • Look for the contact us section.
  • Go to the bottom right corner of your page to get the chat option.
  • Click on the Ask me any question link.
  • Tell them your complaint as you type it in the message section.

Through social media:

Every person at present is familiar with social media. Apart from making friends and sharing your experiences, you can contact people worldwide through it. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are widely available. Customer agents Of Japan Airlines are highly active in posting the latest updates and answering all the questions simultaneously. You can log in with your account on these channels to get a hold of them. Express your complaint on their accounts and get a response within a few minutes. You can get the link to these accounts on their official website.


Japan Airlines has embarked on an honorable rank in providing services. A complaint form is better if you want to rely on something other than Japan Airlines Customer Service Phone Number and chat service. When you fail to reach them on these mediums, social media will always be available to get a hold of them. All these mediums will ensure that your complaint will be addressed.

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