How Do I Complain to American Airlines?

Several Methods of Filing a Complaint to the American Airlines

While taking the services from American Airlines, the customer service person misbehaved with you. Due to this, you want to file a complaint about them. However, you don't know how to make a complaint to American Airlines. For this, you are searching about this. So in this article, you will know about the methods of complaining. For that, you have to pursue the following article.

People can dial the complaint number on American Airlines 800-433-7300 anytime if they have any complaints about booking or other related services. American Airlines' customer service number is available 24/7 to help out the customers

Thus, you can file a complaint through these methods that are:

  • Complaint form
  • Phone call
  • Live chat
  • Feedback
  • Email 

In addition, now you will know how you can reach there and how you file a complaint to the airlines. 

Complaint Form-

To file a complaint with American Airlines, it is possible to send the complaint form to the American Airlines customer service representative. So to do this, you have to follow the

  • Start the American Airlines application and go to the Contact service column
  • On the customer service page, click on the link to the complaint form
  • Then fill out the form by entering your valid contact information or mandatory details
  • After that, send it to American Airlines Customer Service, and they will solve your problem as soon as possible.


Another option is sending the complaint to American Airlines customers Service through email. For that, go to the American Airlines official page, select the official email address, compose the correspondence mail full of problems or questions/file a complaint and send it to American Airlines live agent. However, further, the airline personnel will take a response to your complaint.

Phone call-

In addition, their services also have a method: Free the phone call to the customer service representative at the Helpdesk. Therefore, here are the steps to make the call:

  • Launch the American Airlines browser 
  • And take the American airlines phone number 800-433-7300 in the contact section.
  • copy the phone number on your dial pad 
  • Then, ring the phone of AA customer service
  • And the call will transfer to the airline person
  • After that, you have to file a complaint to American Airlines live agent.

Live chat-

Moreover, live chat is another way to submit a complaint to the Helpdesk. Therefore, you need to open the airline website, find the chat board on your device, begin the live chat with the person, and share any queries there. Then, the airline person will share some conditions as per your query. So please tap on this complaint option and fill in the American Airlines. Then, write the complaint and send it to American Airlines. Further, the airline person will get a response to your complaint. 


You will find the feedback option on the customer service page. So, click on that option and share what you face and file a complaint from there and further, the airline person will respond to your query and solve your issues. 

Hence, following the above methods of filing a complaint against American Airlines, you will get an apologisation from American Airlines customer service. Thus, if you are looking for any issue while taking these services, call the American airlines customer service number and quickly solve all problems you are confronting while taking their services. For more, you can also visit the official page of the airlines and go through it.

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