How do I Choose my Seat After Booking a Flight?

How can I Reserve a Seat After Booking a Flight?

Choosing a seat is the most significant part of planning a comfortable and luxurious journey. Some airlines help you choose a seat at the time of booking, but travelers might have to pay an extra charge to choose a suitable seat. Also, if you can not reserve a seat on your own, the airline itself allots the best-possible seat to cover your journey peacefully. 

But, if you need to know how I can choose my seat after booking a flight, you will get the best-fitting answer in this article. In this article, you can get a list of ways to reserve a seat even after booking a flight with your preferred airline.

Ways to Choose a Seat After Booking a Flight:

Many airlines allow you to choose a seat during the booking process. But, if you are unable to reserve a seat, do not sweat about it. Some airlines provide a flexible seat assignment facility to make the booking and check-in experience seamless for travelers. There are mainly two ways to choose a seat after you have purchased a flight ticket:

  • Official Website
  • Check-In
  • Customer Service 

Step-wise guide to reserve a seat using different means

Are you not aware of how do I choose my seat after booking a flight? Do not worry; take help from the below-guided steps. 

Using the official website:

Before you proceed with the seat reservation on your own, you must know that airlines charge to reserve a seat of your preference. 

  • Visit the official website of your chosen flight.
  • Go to the ‘manage booking’ or ‘my trips’ section, and you can see the whole itinerary of your flight.
  • There, you find a link to choose seats on your flight; click on it.
  • Choose your preferable seat and proceed to the payment section.
  • Select a payment method, enter your payment credentials and pay for the seat selected. 
  • You receive a seat reservation confirmation message in your email. 

Using the Check-in Facility:

Airlines allow you to select your seat during the check-in procedure. There are several check-in methods to select a seat- online check-in, kiosk check-in, and airport check-in. Mentioned below are some steps to follow to select a seat during online check-in:

  • Go to the official website of the airline you are booked with.
  • From the homepage, choose the Check-In option shown on the menu bar.
  • Fill in the required details like the passenger’s last name and confirmation number; click on the Check-In button.
  • Now, you can see your booked flight details; select a seat to cover your journey in comfort, then select the Continue button.
  • Follow the further formalities to print your boarding pass. Once you obtain a boarding pass, consider the seat is reserved efficiently.

Using the Customer Service:

When you do not know how to choose my seat after booking a flight, you can get help from your airline's customer service. Visit the chosen airline's official website, go to the Contact Us page, and extract the number to raise your seat-related queries. Though you might have to pay some administration fee, dial the number, and the airline can help you reserve a seat after you have booked the flight.

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