How do I Check my Reservation on United Airlines?

Suppose a passenger has booked a flight ticket on United Airlines in advance and wants to check the reservation details to ensure the flight's suitability. In this case, they may wonder, how do I check my reservation on United Airlines? If yes, then there are multiple options to prevent the reservation. It can help you to decide whether any modification is needed or not. You can check for the details of the reservation anytime you want.

Available Options to Check United Airlines Reservation

Suppose you require your reservation details on United Airlines and booked your flight ticket directly from the website or a United Airlines live agent. In that case, the mentioned options can help you to check your reservation:

Manage Booking 

From the website of United Airlines, reservation details can be checked with a few easy steps. You may verify your booking online with your six-digit PNR number and last name. If you still need to get your PNR number, then you can use the registered number or MileagePlus Number to get your itinerary information. To check the reservation online, below steps needed to be followed:

  • Go to the United Airlines Site,
  • Select the My Trips option,
  • On the appeared page, tick on the option of PNR, Confirmation Code, or MileagePlus Number to search for your reservation,
  • Enter the Last Name and then click on the Search Button,
  • With this, the details of your reservation at United airlines will appear on your screen.

Confirmation Email

Passengers must have received a confirmation email on purchasing the flight ticket from United Airlines. Open your email account on your device and look for the confirmation email from United Airlines. In that particular email, all the details of your reservation will be mentioned, and you can download your E-Ticket from the attached link. You can search for United Airlines on the email or also make sure to check the Spam Folder as well. 

Customer Service

Suppose you need help retrieving your reservation details in your email or online. In that case, you can contact a representative by calling United Airlines Customer Service Phone: 1800 864 8331. The representative will help you to get the booking details, and you may ask to send the reservation details to your email. They will need the passenger's last name and any of the following:

  • 13-digit PNR Number,
  • 6 Digit Booking Confirmation Code, or
  • Registered Phone Number

With these details, the representative will check the bookings and tell you the required information and also send you the booking email on your number and email id you provide. 

Hence, if a passenger requires the reservation details and is stuck on how to check her reservation, United Airlines can retrieve the booking details with any of the options mentioned. Retrieving the details online is the best and most convenient way for most passengers if they are still looking for the booking confirmation email. If on both options you need help getting the details of your reservation. At last, you can use a United Airlines customer service representative, available 24 hours for assistance.

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