How do I Check my Flight Reservation Online?

The passengers usually check their flight status to know the changes and updates in their schedule. The passengers can check their flight status and other information on the airline's official website. If the passengers have made their flight reservations online through the official website, it will be easier for them to check their flight status. The passengers are allowed to download their flight status in PDF/Excel format. Sometimes even if your flight's arrival and departure times are accurate, you may face a delay or reschedule your flight due to a change in weather or any technical fault in the flight. Passengers have multiple ways through which they can check the flight status of any airline. The rules may differ from one airline to the other as per their policy. 

How do I check my flight reservation online?

The passengers can check their flight status online through the airline's official website. The process to check the flight status is simple and easy all you need to do is visit the official website and follow the procedure mentioned here. 

  • Get onto the airline's official website and look for the option of 'Check flight status.'
  • Once you get onto the flight status page, you are required to select the option through which you wish to check your flight status. 
  • Passengers can check their flight status through flight number or route. 
  • If you opt to check your flight status through flight number, you must enter the flight number and the date of departure. 
  • Once all the details are complete, press enter, and the flight details will appear on your page. 
  • If you opt to look for the details through the flight route, in that case, you are required to enter your departure or arrival destination as well as your arrival and departure date. 
  • The passengers are also required to specify the airport name and where the flight is scheduled to depart, and passengers are also required to select the flight departure date. 
  • Once all the details are complete, press enter, and the full information about your flight will appear on the page. 

Other than checking my flight reservation online, the passenger can also check their flight status over the phone or visit the airport from where they must board their flight. 

Check flight status over the phone.

  • The passenger must enter the airline's official website to look for the 'contact' option. 
  • Once you get onto the 'contact; page, look for the customer service number. Dial the number, and you must follow the IVR instructions once connected. 
  • You may get asked to wait for a while on hold, after which the airline's agent will get in touch with you. 
  • Please provide them with the details about your flight, and the representative will provide you with the complete flight details. 

Check the flight status from the airport.

The passengers can check their flight status by visiting the airport from which they are required to board their flight ticket. The passengers must get onto the information desk and provide them with the details to know flight status. 

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