How do I Change Date of Birth on Flight Ticket?

Flying can be hectic. A lot of things are to be done and are to be prepared. You have got to do various things and sometimes taking care of a lot of things often leads to mistakes, and as a result, you end up with a mess. And you are reading this page, and that is enough evidence that you need to figure out the way to Change Date of Birth on Flight, as you have entered the wrong date of Birth for your flight details. Then, refer to the info written below, which carries the way for changing the Date of Birth on the Flight ticket. 

Methods to change your Date of Birth on a Flight ticket. 

Through Call 

Who disagrees that calling is vital to express your situation and get assistance from the airlines? All the airlines support their passengers and help them in correcting their wrongs. So, you are supposed to dial the official number of your airline, and then, initially, it will be the IVR that will converse with you to know your language preference and the reason for contacting the airline. Then, you will connect to the assistant, and you will be able to figure out the way for the date of Birth to change on your flight ticket. 

Across the official website 

You can only Change DOB on Flight Ticket through the website when your account is registered with the airline. When you have your account, you can change your Date of birth anytime and from anywhere. So, refer to the steps below to change the DOB on your flight ticket. 

  • You have to visit the airline's official website and look for your Profile option in the menu bar. If not found in the menu bar, you should scroll down; your profile option will be there. 
  • Open your profile setting, and you will see all your enrolled details with the airlines. 
  • Change your Date of Birth in those details. Changing your date of Birth will solve your flight ticket's date, as this information is only used to book the flight ticket. 
  • Attach the government-verified document and your ID with your photo—also the other papers, if required. 
  • And as soon as your Date of Birth is updated, you will receive the confirmation mail from the airline. 

Henceforth, the abovementioned ways can help you change the date of Birth on your Flight Ticket. However, specific points are to be remembered when you want to change the Birth date on your flight ticket. So refer to those points written below. 

Points to be remembered. 

  • You must provide the verified documents with your correct date of Birth for the airline to update your wrong birthdate. 
  • You are supposed to pay the necessary charges for your birth date change on your Flight ticket. 
  • Processing your request might take time, and we send you the confirmation mail, so you are requested to have patience. 

Also, when your flight is booked through a travel agent or agency, you can't make the birth date change request from the airline; instead, go to that agent only for help.

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