How can I cancel my Austrian Airlines Air ticket successfully?

Nowadays it has become quite important for us to be aware of each and every policy that an airline introduces whenever we plan to fly with them. This article will give you all the relevant information about the steps to cancel the tickets at Austrian Airlines. Read ahead for the steps that are required to be followed at the time of cancellation of flight tickets.

Some simple steps to follow in the process of cancellation of air tickets

As per the guidelines issued under the Austrian Airline cancellation policy, the customer or passenger needs to follow the below mentioned steps if he/she wants to cancel the already booked air tickets.

  • On the first note, you need to browse for the official website of Austrian Airlines.
  • Then you need to sign in to the account that is linked to Austrian Airline.
  • Afterwards you need to select the customer support link present on the top right corner of that page that displays.
  • You now need to select the trip that is required to be canceled.
  • Tap the cancellation link that is present there.
  • Then you need to review the cancellation success and the amount to be refunded.
  • Click on Ok and ensure that the amount to be refunded would reflect in the account that was used at the time of booking of tickets.

This is all about the steps that you need to be followed for cancelling the tickets, and the given information is authentic as per the Austrian Airline cancellation policy.

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