How do I Add TSA Precheck to Icelandair?

Icelandair is the flag carrier of Iceland. You can get access to add a stopover without paying an additional fare with other benefits such as low fare, managed itinerary, special assistance, and so on. Further, you have conducted a TSA precheck process and acquired its Known Traveler Number. Now, are you having an issue with adding TSA Precheck to Icelandair? Then pursue reading the subheadings.

Ways to add TSA precheck in Icelandair

When you add a TSA precheck to your reservation, feel free to use any modes raided underneath. 

Through call

One of the most suitable and quickest ways to add the TSA precheck number or KTN in the booking is by calling customer service. So, you can dial the Icelandair customer service phone number, 1 (800) 223-5500, and select a language first. After that, choose an option from the IVR menu as this:-

  • Press1 to know about packages
  • Press4 to add the KTN number 
  • Press7 for the baggage information
  • Press# to speak with customer service

Through Reservation

A known traveler number cloud is added to the itinerary at the time of making a reservation online on your own. And if you need a hint for using this option, then act with the steps that are described at the bottom:-

  • Head to the official website of Icelandair
  • After that, click on the book icon and enter the details of the flight
  • Now choose your flight with the fare types.
  • Then you get to enter the information of the passenger and state KTN number.
  • And then, you get to add a travel extra and make a payment
  • The confirmation message could be received in the email and phone number.

Through managing booking

When you are carrying the flight ticket of Icelandair and willing to add the TSA precheck number to the itinerary, then via manage booking, a process could be carried out independently. Now the clue for that is mentioned at the bottom:-

  • Open the authenticated website of Icelandair
  • And then, click on the manage booking option
  • Now click on the flight reference number with the last name.
  • After that, click on add precheck number options.
  • Then enter your number and click on the submit votes.

Through airline counter

When the online modes couldn't communicate with the airline with the online ways to register a TSA number, you can reach out to the counter to the airline available at the airport and make such a request. You can add such changes 48 hours before the flight's scheduled departure.

Acknowledge the advantage of the TSA precheck at Icelandair

You can ease your travel plan by adding a known traveler number in the booking, and by doing that, you can get the advantage at the time of check at the airport. Thus the benefits of this are as follows:-

  • You may not have to stand in long queues for the security check.
  • There are no additional charges for security checks, and it is also time-saving.
  • You didn't get to remove the belt, shoes, or laptop from the bags.

Although by getting here, you can have the Icelandair customer service number with the modes to add the TSA precheck number and its advantage. If there is anything hard to get, then speak with the airline's customer service.

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