How can you Change the Date on an Already Booked Flight?

The passengers can change their already booked flight ticket through 'Manage Booking,' over the call, or through the airport. But before proceeding with the change, the passengers must know the rules mentioned in the policy to change the date on an already booked flight, which is discussed here for you as follows. The process to make the changes in their flight ticket and the related change policy. 

Rules to make the changes in the already booked flight ticket

  • 24-hour rules- The passengers can make the changes to their flight ticket within 24 hours without paying the change fee. However, this rule applies to the reservation made at least seven days before the scheduled departure of their flight. 
  • Add-on or flexible Fare- Make sure you make the reservation of your flight ticket with the flexible fare. If the reservation is made under a business or first-class ticket, then make sure you have the option of an add-on to make the changes to your flight ticket. 
  • Same-day flight change- The passengers can also make the same-day flight change within 24 hours of the scheduled departure. The passengers change their flight tickets on the same date but at a different time. 
  • Sixty days before the scheduled departure- The passengers can change their advance-booked flight ticket. The passengers who make the advance flight ticket booking have many benefits. One of them is making the change without paying any charges. 
  • Elite Status- The passengers having an elite membership with the airline often have the offer to make the changes in their flight tickets for free without any fee. They can change as an add-on in their flight ticket with the elite status/ premium membership. 
  • Make insurance of your travel booking- It is advisable to do the insurance of your booking before making the reservation with the airline, as it will help you cover your expenses. 

How Can you change the date on an already booked flight?

The process to make the changes in your flight ticket online through the airline's official website is mentioned here for you as follows. 

  • The essential step is to enter the airline's official website and look for the 'Manage Booking' option on the top tab. 
  • Once you get onto the 'Manage Booking' option, enter the PNR number as well as the last name of the passenger to proceed further. 
  • Press enter, and you'll get redirected to the flight detail page. Here you are required to choose the option of 'flight change.' 
  • Enter the details asked to make the changes in the flight ticket, and you may also have to enter the date on which you wish to reschedule your flight. 
  • A page will appear on your screen mentioning the flight available on your date. 
  • Select the flight as per the most suitable time, after which you must fill out the other required details. 
  • Once the process is complete, you'll get redirected to the payment page. 
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment for the changes made by the passengers. 
  • Once the process is complete, you'll receive the confirmation in your email or over a text message.

Bottom Line

For further inquiries, make sure you connect with the customer service executive of the airline. 

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