How can Someone Else use my Delta SkyMiles Number?

Delta Airlines provides SkyMiles to passengers whenever they book a flight with the airline.

You can turn these miles into your next flight booking, known as award travel. These miles don't expire, so that you can use them anytime. Can someone else use my Delta SkyMiles number? Then the answer is no. they cannot use your Skymiles number to reserve a flight for themselves. To know more about the policies, keep on reading the information below.

How can someone else use my Delta SkyMiles number?

If you are confused about if someone else uses my Delta SkyMiles number and gets a benefit from it, then it is not possible, but you can provide other benefits by using your Skymiles account-

Buy a flight ticket- the easiest way to give benefits of your miles number is by booking a flight for them using the other passenger's name. You must sign into your frequent flyer account and select the trip you want to buy. When you reach the passenger information page, enter the other person's name in your name and make sure the name, birthday, and additional information are filled out correctly because they should match their government-issued id while the security check-ins. The misspelled word on the booked flight ticket is a big No, No, so ensure that all the information is filled out correctly. 

Transferring the Miles:

Delta airlines also allow you to share your miles with someone else frequent flyer account. Before moving the miles, read the critical instruction below-

  • The Transferred Miles are applicable for booking all SkyMiles awards flights.
  • The Miles that are transferred through the Transfer Miles program are non-refundable
  • These transactions are processed in U.S. Dollars.
  • Transferred miles do not qualify for obtaining Medallion Status.

You can transfer miles between SkyMiles accounts using the Transfer Miles program, but It does not enable the transformation of partner points to miles.

Transaction Terms:

  • A minimum of 1,000 miles can be transferred.
  • A maximum of 30,000 mileage can be transferred per transaction.
  • Rate per mile: $0.01. Rate Chart.
  • You will have to pay the $30.00 processing fee per transaction.
  • One to four Miles recipients can be included in a single transaction.

Yearly Maximums:

  • You can deposit a Maximum of 300,000 mileage to a SkyMiles account per year. 
  • A maximum of 150,000 mileage can be transferred from a SkyMiles account annually.

Swap the miles-

if you have earned miles from one airline but want to use them for their carrier, you can also do this by using the Loyalty Match, a third-party program that lets you transfer the miles to partner airlines. E.g.-, if you have United MileagePlus miles, you can exchange them with another person with a Delta SkyMiles account. 

What are the ways to earn miles using your Frequent flyer Skymiles number?

Airline-branded credit card: An Delta airline-branded credit card is jointly issued by the airline and the credit card company, and if you use these cards to pay a certain amount of money while purchasing, you will get some miles for it. 

Hotel booking and car rentals- Delta airline provides miles points when you do the shopping or book car rentals which has partnership with delta airlines.

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