How Can I Reschedule my Flight Air Canada?

Air Canada makes travel plans easy and flexible for people. They even allow the passengers to make changes in their flight tickets and prepone or postpone their travel plans as per their requirements. The process and policy related to the rescheduling o the airline's flight ticket are necessary for the passengers to know before rescheduling my flight with Air Canada. The steps to reschedule the flight ticket are pretty simple, and it can also be done by placing a phone call on the airline's customer service number. But the policies related to flight change are a must-know thing for the passengers. Let's understand the procedure and process described in the Air Canada flight change.

Air Canada Rescheduling Policy

  • The passengers can change their flight tickets when the reservation is made at the authorized center of Air Canada.
  • All tickets are required to meet the flight change rules the airlines apply.
  • As per the 24 hours risk-free period, if the changes in their flight ticket are made within 24 hours of the reservation, then they are allowed to make the changes in their flight tickets for you.
  • If the changes in the flight ticket were made after 24 hours of the reservation, in that case, the difference would be subject to the changing fees. The amount required for the change fee depends upon the route and the fare type of the airlines.
  • When the passengers inform the agents in advance, then there are chances that the airline may waive the charges required to be paid for making the change.
  • The airlines can change the administration fees on your ticket as per their comfort.
  • The passengers are allowed to make changes to their flight tickets up to three hours before the scheduled flight departure of the airlines.
  • If the passengers have made the online check-in, in that case, they are not allowed to make the changes to their scheduled flight ticket.
  • If there is a delay of three hours in the departure of your scheduled flight, in that case, the airlines will allow the passengers to make the changes in their flight ticket without paying any charges.
  • If the changes in the flight ticket are made due to any medical emergency, in that case, there would be no change fee levied on passengers. 

The process of rescheduling Air Canada flight ticket

  • Get onto the official website of Air Canada and look at the 'Manage Booking' option. 
  • After getting onto the 'Manage Booking' option, fill in the PNR number as well as the last name of the passenger to proceed further.
  • Once you get onto the available flight page, choose your flight and look for the change option.
  • Fill out the form on your screen and mention the time and date you want to reschedule your flight.
  • Once all the details are completed, save all the details and proceed further.
  • Once you get onto the payment page, you must follow the on-screen process to pay for your flight change.
  • Once the process is complete, you'll receive the confirmation on your registered email or phone number.

Change via Customer service number

  • If you wish to make the changes to your flight ticket through Air France Customer Service Phone Number, you can easily do it by dialing the number and asking the customer service agent. 
  • Once connected with the agent, you must tell all the details asked by the agent to make the changes to your flight ticket.

Read all the information given here to know if I can reschedule my flight to Air Canada and the quick process of doing the same.

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