How can I Refund my Voucher in Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways provides vouchers to its passengers on several occasions. When your flight is canceled, or you cancel the booking at your end, you can request the airline to refund via vouchers. Vouchers are later used to book a new flight ticket and have some validity. 

In case you want to know how to refund my voucher on Qatar Airways, there are several ways. You can get a voucher refund online and offline. Besides, contact them directly if the booking is made via a third party. We will discover the details in this article, so let's get started.

Get a refund for your Qatar Airways vouchers online. 

  • Go to the official website of the airline and login into your account 
  • Else you can go to the help link at the top right directly 
  • On the new page, click on the link' refund and travel voucher.'
  • Enter the confirmation number and last name to retrieve the booking. 
  • Locate the booking dashboard, and select the ticket you wish to get a coupon for
  • Select the key you want to cancel the booking and complete the cancellation process
  • Now go to the refund request page and click on the tab 'submit a request 
  • You can select the request refund voucher link and click on it 
  • Now a form-like structure will appear on the screen, providing the detail
  • Follow the instruction, and you will be able to get the refund voucher successfully
  • Once your refund request is shared, it generally takes 7-14 days to get the refund

Following the process above, you can quickly get a refund voucher from Qatar Airways online. Besides, if you still doubt how Qatar Airways will refund my voucher, you can speak to the Qatar representative directly to help you with this.

Get a refund voucher from Qatar Airways over the phone. 

  • Dial the Qatar airways customer care number on mobile; you can get the number for the voucher available on the support page. 
  • Now follow the automated instructions to connect with the airlines.
  • Once connected, you can request the agent from that you wish to get a refund for the voucher. 
  • Provide the relevant details related to your bookings and vouchers 
  • The support team will review everything and initiate the refund voucher soon. 
  • The refund voucher is credited to your account, which you can use as a form of payment for a future booking.

Qatar airways vouchers terms and conditions

If you book directly with Qatar Airways, you can request a voucher for a canceled and unused ticket. The coupons you get can be used to purchase new tickets. 

  • The Qatar Airways vouchers are valid for two years from the date it is issued. Once the voucher expires, you can use it further. So to avoid any hassle, make sure to use your coupon within time.
  • Qatar airways vouchers are non-transferable and can be used by the person whose name is mentioned.
  • Using the Qatar airways voucher, you can also modify your booking for free or get a voucher refund if your plan changes.

Reading the information above, you will get the answer: How Can I refund my voucher for Qatar Airways? Besides, if you still have any doubts or need additional information, you can also speak directly to the Qatar Airways agent.

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