How Can I Get Voucher for Air India?

Suppose you regularly fly with Air India and you want a travel voucher. In that case, you should work for it because the airline provides the vouchers only to those who are frequent flyers of Air India, but there are more ways passengers can get the Air India Voucher. If you made the cancellation earlier, you can either get the refund if you can get the voucher. Or if the airline cancels your flight, then also they provide compensation in the form of a voucher. If you canceled because of any medical reason, that airline would also provide the voucher in the form of compensation. Now your question must get solved. How can I get a voucher for Air India? But you also do know how to redeem this voucher. For that, read further.

How to redeem a voucher for Air India?

If you have the Air India voucher, then you are the lucky one because your flight gets reduced after using the voucher; to know how to, just follow the steps written below.

You can use the voucher at the time of booking your flight; for that, you have to follow the steps written below.

  • You can visit the airline's official website, and then on the homepage, only fill in your origin and destination and travel date.
  • Then select which class you want to travel to.
  • After that, make sure to select whether you want one way, two-way or multi-city flight.
  • Then click on the search icon. Then you will select the one which suits their preference. 
  • And after that, write the passengers' details with their ID proofs.
  • After that, submit it, and then you will be transferred to the payment page; there, you will see an option on the "Apply vouchers or Gift card" option. Click on that.
  • And then, mention your voucher number and then click on "Apply." 
  • Once it's applied, you will see that the money will get less or if you have a higher-value voucher, then it becomes zero. If there is, it shows some payment. Make the payment.
  • Once you have paid the payment, you will get the confirmation of your booking on your registered email address and phone number.

Getting a voucher via cancelation?

If you cancel your flight, then also sometimes, in place of a refund, they will provide you with vouchers or credits for future use. To know in what case you will get the vouchers, read the step written below.

  • If the airline itself cancels the flight because of any technical problem or weather issue, then the airline provides vouchers to their passengers.
  • If you cancel your flight because of an emergency issue and the airline considers your compensation, they will provide you with travel vouchers and credits.
  • If you miss your flight because of the airline's end, like they getting late in issuing the boarding pass, then the airline also provides the vouchers and credits to their passengers.
  • If you are a frequent traveler, the airline will also provide you with some vouchers and credits as a regular passenger of the airline.

Now you get to know how you can use Air India Vouchers and if you face any problem in using your vouchers at the time of check-in, you can contact the airline, and they will provide the solution to fix it. The airline customer support team is professional and highly trained, and they are available 24*7 on all their platforms to help their passengers.

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