How Can I Get Faster on American Airlines?

American Airlines understands that time is the most valuable thing, so the airline provides you with priority privilege. From check to security and boarding, it provides you with a speedy process to save time. Not only these things but also American Airlines lets you go through the fastest route at the airport-congested areas. 

At airports, you can find the priority signs at the check-in area of the American Airlines counter. These lines are dedicated to priority privilege to go through security and board a flight faster. You don't have to wait in a long queue to board your flights; as the operator announces for Priority Boarding Group, you can board for your flight. Nevertheless, if you have First or Business Class flights or you're an elite status member, get the priority on your boarding pass. 

If you have arrived late and want to board your flight faster, you can choose priority privilege. But if you wonder how can I get faster on American Airlines, you can contact the support team and get priority privilege. Additionally, if you don't know how to buy priority, you can go through the information explained below. 

When Can You Buy Priority on American Airlines?

For all American Airlines flights or operated by the airlines, you can buy priority while;

  • checking in for your flight on the airline's website, 
  • checking in at the airport kiosk, 
  • making reservations or after but before the departure. 

Who's Eligible for Priority Privileges on American Airlines?

  • You can purchase the priority if you're traveling via first, business, or premium economy flight. 
  • Also, all AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum, Platinum Pro, and Gold members can get priority. 
  • If you are an AirPass traveler, you can get priority, or eligible corporate travelers can buy priority and get faster on American Airlines. 
  • All Citi / AAdvantage Executive cardholders are eligible for buying American Airlines priority privilege. 
  • Above all, if you have a membership of OneWorld Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby members, you get priority for your flight.

The above scenarios are eligible to get faster on American Airlines. If you find yourself suitable to get priority privilege, get it by contacting the support team members. Besides, you proceed to buy priority for your flight on American Airlines; you must know some important terms and conditions. So, go through the next segment before buying the Priority Privilege. 

Some Important Aspects of American Airlines Priority Privilege

  • If American Airlines operates or markets a flight only then, you can purchase priority for that particular flight. 
  • If you travel by codeshare flights operated by another airline, you can't get priority privilege. 
  • Only in the most significant airport locations, you find the priority lanes at the security checkpoints. 
  • The American Airlines priority privilege is non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • You can find the exclusive lanes at participating airports at the security checkpoints. 
  • You can buy priority on selected routes and are subject to availability. 

American Airlines reservations all rights to suspend or change the priority services that you get for your flight. If you want to learn more about the process to get faster on American Airlines, you may contact the reservation support team. The experts are there to assist you and help you on a single phone call. Thus dial the number and connect with an expert to obtain all information.

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