How do I Get a Refund from American Airlines?

Looking for a Refund from American Airlines? Get All Information Here

American Airlines always allows you to request a refund if your flight ticket is eligible. While non-refundable tickets don't get any refund, canceling a refundable booking might let you get a full refund.

It often happens that some unprecedented pandemic or other circumstances cause a flight cancellation. So, better to be prepared for such an unavoidable situation and book a refundable flight ticket. But what if you haven't booked a refundable ticket? Do you still have a chance to get a refund from American Airlines? Whether you get a refund for voluntary cancellation or canceled flight on American Airlines?

If you have such questions in your mind and wondering about the process of requesting a refund, this post brings you all information that can help you and answer all your queries related to American Airlines' refund. So, read along.

Steps to Request a Refund for Your American Airlines Flight Cancellation

  • At first, you need to go to
  • You see a pop-up as you reach the webpage, click Refund.
  • Next, you have to enter the Ticket Number, Passenger's Last Name, and click Submit.
  • Further, check the flight booking details to select the right reservation for a refund and click Continue.
  • After that, you can find information on whether your flight ticket is eligible for getting a refund or not. If your flight ticket is eligible, click Continue.
  • Additionally, enter the contact details, confirm the refund request details, and submit the request.

Once you apply, you get a refund request confirmation number and keep it for future reference. The airline initiates the refund as soon as you request however you can expect the amount returned within seven working days. Moreover, to better understand the American Airlines refund policy, you should go through the given information. So, before you apply for a refund, go through the remaining information.

Important Details to Keep in Mind While Requesting a Refund

  • If you cancel your bookings on American Airlines within 24 hours, you automatically get a full refund through the original payment method.
  • You must book tickets seven or more days before departure to get a full refund. Otherwise, there will be charges, and you might not receive a refund.
  • If you travel by Basic Economy, your tickets are not refundable; however, you can get a refund on canceling within 24 hours rule.
  • Moreover, to book refundable flight tickets, you need to choose the flexible option or select the option Make It Refundable during booking.
  • Once the refund request completes, you receive the amount within seven working days. If you face any delay, contact the bank or payment interface.

After knowing all information, you must not see any difficulty getting a refund for your flights. Yet, you encounter any hassle during the process, dial the American Airlines refund phone number if you experience any hassle during the process. The customer support representatives are available to assist you thoroughly. You can connect with them anytime for any problem. The expert helps you by giving you all details about the refund. Also, if you have other queries, they fix it without much of a stretch.

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