How Can I Check My Air India Express PNR Number?

The passenger name record (PNR) I very useful as it will save your time. PNR will help you to trace the status of your ticket that is your ticket got confirmed and also the arrival and departure of the flight. it will avoid the confusion about that if you want to recheck you can do that simply by entering the PNR and checking the status.

Where to Look for Air India Express PNR?

As PNR number is one of the important parts of the journey and through this only, you can go next step and sometimes people find it difficult to locate their PNR. And If you are having difficulty locating your Air India Express PNR number then you can find it in these ways:-

In Email:- At the time of booking a flight ticket you have to provide an email id and on that id, you will receive the ticket booking confirmation and the detail will contain the details such as the name of the passenger and also the confirmation number or PNR number. Sometimes it is written as a booking reference number also all these are the same. Still facing difficulty ask customer care for help and to contact they will guide you through the process. You can connect with them through the Air India Express customer care number available on the official page in the contact us option.

In Receipt:- When you book your ticket through the travel agency and they provide the receipt of your confirmation that also has your PNR number. Through which you can get your boarding pass. And still, if you are having difficulties you can contact the customer service for a better solution. To contact them visit the official page of Air India Express and at the bottom, you will see the contact us option click on that, and the various option will appear to you to contact customer service choose the appropriate one and contact them.

In Boarding pass:- sometimes people help you and give you the boarding pass in hand but after that, you need your PNR number then also you can find that in the boarding pass it will mention on the top of the Air India Express ticket as a confirmation number.

How Can PNR Help to Manage Your Trip?

If you want to manage your trip PNR is one of the important numbers through which you can get through the whole process. When you want to manage your trip you have o visit the official page of Air India Express and there you will find the manage your trip option choose that option and after that, it will ask for a confirmation number which is also a PNR number and last name then only you can retrieve your booking. Then only you can either choose your seat or upgrade or if you want to change then you can do that.

However, sometimes the question asked such as how can I check my Air India Express PNR number so by going through the above statement you can have your PNR number. 

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