How do I check-in online for American Airlines?

American Airlines is a major airline in America having headquartered in Texas. The airline provides several check-in options to make travelers' life easy. If you have made a reservation at American Airlines, you can choose several options to check-in. In the information below, you will get to learn all about the check-in option in America airlines. So let's get started.

American Airlines- Several Check-in options

The airline offers several check-in options; you can use any of them depending on your needs and requirements.

Online check-in (Web Check-in):- American Airlines web check-in is one of the convenient options. Online check-in starts 24-hour and up to 45 minutes before departure. You can complete your check-in online by following the step–by–step information given below.

  • At first, go to the official website of American Airlines
  • Log in to your account using to find your bookings
  • If you don't have an account, you can go to the check-in option on the homepage, click on it
  • Now enter the passenger's last name, first name, the confirmation number, and ticket number, click on the find Trips
  • You can now sleet the booking for which you want to check-in
  • You can follow the instructions given online to complete your check-in process
  • Once done, you can print your boarding pass. Using the above steps, you can complete your Check-in online for American Airlines anytime.

Mobile check-in: - Mobile check-in is similar to online check-in. Here you can save the boarding pass in your mobile wallet. You can complete your mobile check-in by following the steps given below.

  • Open your American airline mobile App
  • Login to your account and locate your trip
  • Click on the check-in option given on the screen
  • You have to agree on the hazardous material policy
  • Now you can select the seat from the seat map given
  • Follow the instructions on the mobile screen to complete your check-in process
  • Once done, you can save your boarding pass in your wallet

Curbside check-in at the airport: - It is one of the most convenient ways to check in to your flight. You can get your seat assignment, boarding pass and check your bags at the airport using the curb check-in process. You can use this option only if you have confirmed tickets and reservations, including basic economy, and use a credit/debit card for the payment.

Self-Service Kiosk Check-in at Airport: - It is one of the best ways to check in airport. You can use the Kiosk check-in by going through the steps below.

  • Check-in online or using the mobile app.
  • Select the number of bags you have to check and pay, in case if required
  • You can now download your boarding pass or print it
  • Find the Kiosk at Airport offering to touchless printing at the airport
  • Scan your boarding pass to print your bag tags
  • Ticket counter check-in At Airport:-You can also complete your check-in at the airport. To check at the airport, you can start from 24-hour to 45 minutes before departure.

So you can use any of the above check-in options to complete the check-in process. If you have faced any difficulty or any concern, you can speak to the American Airlines customer service number anytime.

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