How can I Change my Ryanair Flight for Free within 24 Hours?

If you have booked with Ryanair, and due to some urgent plans, you are compelled to make changes to your booking. In this case, you can make changes or reschedule your flight. And if you wish to know if Can I change my Ryanair flight for free within 24 hours, then you can read the information given in the details below. This will help you know about the process and the different required details. 

Ryanair Flight Change Process 

To make changes to your flight, there are two methods available. To get it done online, you can follow the steps as follows: 

  • Reach out to the official website of Ryanair, 
  • Retrieve your booking using the booking reference number and passenger's last name from the manage booking option. 
  • On the booking summary page, tap on the change option from the menu icon list. 
  • On the forwarded page, make the required changes, and then, if required, make the payment with the help of on-screen instructions. 
  • You will receive an email to your registered email address regarding the changes made. 

Other than the online process, you can also ask an executive from the customer service team and get the changes done. To connect with an executive, call Ryanair Phone Number, +353 15825932, and get the changes done.

Ryanair Flight Change Policy 

If you wish to make a few changes to your booking, go through the changed policy. The guidelines in the policy are listed below:

  • You can make the changes within 24 hours of purchasing for free, irrespective of the ticket type you have bought. 
  • You can only change the date, and a few modifications can be made with the passenger's name. 
  • You can also get the seat changes done through the change process. 
  • If you have a business or premium class booking, you can do it for free at any time, at least three hours before the departure time. 
  • Once you have checked in for the booked flights, changes cannot be made. 
  • If a flight gets delayed for more than four or more hours, you can get to change the flight without paying any fee. You might have to pay the fare difference. 

Ryanair Flight Change Fee 

You can make changes to your booking without paying any cost if you are eligible. To know about the eligibility and the fees, go through the given points: 

  • There will be no change fee if you have an elite class or a refundable booking. Or if you make changes within 24 hours, there is no change fee. 
  • If you have a non-refundable economy booking, you will be charged €45 per passenger in order to make changes to your booking. 
  • If you make the changes due to a canceled or delayed flight, there is no change fee applicable to your booking. 


Hopefully, the details above have helped you best with making changes for free. If you still have any other queries, contact Ryanair Customer Service Phone Number or surf through the airline's webpage to seek assistance. 

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