How Can I Change my Flight Date Last Minute?

In case you have made a booking to your favorite destination, but due to some last-minute changes in your plan, you cannot travel on the booked date. In this situation, you can make changes to your existing booking. To be able to make changes there are particular policies that you must abide by to make changes. You also will have to have an idea about the process as well. To know about these, you can go through the policies and procedures as explained in the content below. 

Flight Change Policy 

If you wish to change my flight date last minute, then you must go through the policies as follows: 

  • You can make the changes within 24 hours of purchasing to avoid paying extra change charges. This shall depend on the fare type of the bought ticket. 
  • If you are changing the travel dates of the made booking, you can cancel the existing booking and rebook the ticket using the refund. 
  • If you wish to make changes to the travel route, you will have to pay the fare difference for the new booking. Other change charges also might apply to the new way. 
  • You must change the travel date to the same class as the booking. 
  • If you have booked the ticket from a third party, you will have to reach them in case of making the changes. 
  • If you possess an award ticket or business or premium class booking, you can get through the change process without paying any extra change fee. You can get the changes done for free or using miles. 
  • If you have a basic ticket or an economy booking, you can go through the changes for once without any change cost. For more than once, you will have to pay each time you make changes. 

Flight Change Process. 

Online- If you wish to make some changes to your booking, then you can go through the steps as follows: 

  • Dig into the webpage of the airlines. 
  • I was hoping you could tap on the manage booking/ my trips option. 
  • Enter the last name and booking reference of the passenger. 
  • Get retrieved to your booking. 
  • On the booking summary page, choose the change option from the menu list. 
  • Make the required changes. 
  • Confirm and proceed with on-screen instructions. 
  • Make the payment with the help of on-screen instructions. 
  • Confirm, and then you shall receive an email to your registered email address. 

Offline: You can also get through the change process through the call process. You can contact the customer service team and ask the representative to help you with the change process. The representative shall also help you provide the best price if you have to change the ticket. 

Conclusion: If you have any other query about whether I can change my flight date last minute, you can get through with the official website or contact them to make the required changes. 

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