How Can I Change My Flight Booking Online?

Is it possible to change a flight booking online?

Many airlines make it possible to make amendments to their existing reservation without facing any trouble. To make the travel experience even better and memorable for travelers, airlines cater to the needs and requirements of their travelers. Flight booking is one of the most flexible amenities that an airline provides to make your changes seamless. So, if you are wondering how can I change my flight booking online? Please do not fret about it, as this article can help you effectively. 

Easy steps to change your existing booking 

Many airlines allow their passengers to make changes in their booking by following some easy and doable steps. If you also want to make changes in your existing flight online, then take help from further steps.

Change flight booking using the Booking Number

  • Get to the official website of your chosen airline.
  • On the homepage, you can find the Manage My Trip or Manage Booking section.
  • Next up, you need to type in the ticket booking number and the passenger’s last name to retrieve the booking.
  • Now you see your flight details, confirm the details, and then click on the Continue, or Next button is shown on your screen.
  • Make all the necessary changes to change your booking. You might be able to change the date, route, and destinations of your journey.
  • Further, you get to see the change details; if you agree, comply with all the prompted instructions.
  • Head towards the payment section and choose a suitable payment option.
  • Enter your payment details to pay the applicable charges. Once the payment is successful, the airline will send you a confirmation message in your email.

These are the steps to look forward to if you need to know if it is possible to change my flight booking if you have the ticket booking number ready beforehand. Make sure that you make necessary changes within the set time limit of your airline to skip any extra charges.

Change flight booking without the Booking Number

If you wish to make changes in your flight using your contact number, follow the given steps:

  • Get to the official website of the airline.
  • Choose the Manage My Booking section from the homepage.
  • Now, you need to provide your country code, contact number, departure date, and your departure and arrival destinations.
  • Next, you can see the details of your reserved flight; click on the reservation and head towards the booking management section. 
  • There you can make updates in your flight to change your existing booking.
  • Review all the changes once you provide the essential details. If satisfied, go for the payment section.
  • Choose your preferred payment method, and you are good to go!

So, these were some comprehensive steps for the travelers who face the question- can I change my flight booking online. But ensure that you satisfy all the pre-decided flight change terms and conditions of your chosen airline. Also, you can take help from the airline’s customer service to get an effective solution in your weary situation.

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