Pet Policy Of Eva Air

EVA Air Pet Policy

Travelling with pets is always a dream for all the pet lovers. If someone has booked a flight with EVA air, then they can easily carry their pets along with them on the flight. EVA air provides special services for carrying a pet on the board.

If any passenger wants to carry their pet along, EVA air must be contacted before the departure date so as to confirm the conditions applicable on the transportation of pets. Passenger is required to submit valid health and vaccination certificate along with other documents. The important terms of EVA air pet policy are as follows:

  • The reservations department should be informed about the pet at least 48 hours prior to departure.
  • Any pregnant animal or animals younger than 10 weeks will not be allowed in the carriage.
  • The airline does not accept pets as unchecked baggage in the flight.
  • The breeds of dogs and cats that are allowed on the board is there and passenger can refer website for the same.
  • All the pets are allowed in a carriage that must be:
  • Designed in such a way that the pet could easily breathe and air transportation should be there.
  • Height of the carriage should be such that pet should not be touching the roof in standing position.
  • The space of carriage should be enough that the pet can easily turn around.
  • Construction should be such that there is no risk of escaping of the animal, injuring itself or damaging other items of aircraft.
  • The carriage should have sufficient supply of water and food for the pet.

The pet carriage is included in the excess baggage and excess baggage fee is charged for carrying it along on the board. The facility of carrying pets in the flight is only for some of the flights as other flights have limitation of aircraft type.

To get more info about pet policy or other services of the airline, EVA air reservations can be contacted. The representatives of EVA air serve their passengers for better services. To contact them, the details mentioned on the official website of EVA air can be used.

Eva Air In-Cabin Pet Policy?

Want to travel with your pet on Eva Air? Then make sure that you have proper knowledge about the in-cabin pet policy because there are lots of rules and restrictions prescribed by the Eva Air that’s very important to know. Below listed is the complete information for eva air pet policy:

  • Only small dogs and cats are allowed to travel and Eva Air has restricted some harmful breeds. So check that list properly.
  • You have to inform Eva Air 48 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight.
  • Pets should be almost 10 weeks old.
  • Pet containers should be clean and must be within specified dimension prescribed by the Eva Air.

If you have any query regarding the Eva Air pet policy, then you can contact the customer service team of Eva Air and obtain the reliable assistance to fix all sorts of queries related to pet policy.

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