Pet Policy Of Etihad Airways

Read on the Pet Policy in Etihad Airways

Have you made a plan to travel with your pet in Etihad Airways? That’s good but you need to be aware of its pet policy that is directly denying for carrying dogs, cats, or other animals to travel in the cabin of the Aircraft. It also does not offer accompanied checked baggage service for live animals other than service animals. You are required to carry pets in the cargo that give you the chance to earn Etihad Guest Miles and Tier Miles. If your Pets are service animal, Etihad Airways offers accurate flight service in order to carry your pets like dogs, cats, and domestic birds. All other animals will travel as manifest cargo through the Etihad Airways.

The section of a Cargo department has the same temperature and pressure as the passenger cabin. So this time when you need to book a flight ticket, you can easily find out the way to book a flight for your pet but in cargo that holds your pet in order to check out the correct details and confirm the flight at the certain time.          

Etihad Airways Pet Policy:

The policy is always providing you the perfect process of carrying your pets vial online. It is providing flight feature and services in order to get the issue fixed online. However, if you are getting panic and don’t know how to get the policy, you can check out the correct information with regards Etihad Airways provides complete statement easily. Policy always provides more information in order to select the pets that you are carrying while traveling on Airlines. 

Here are the ways to get the policy of Etihad Airways:

  • At first, visit booking website and click on the login button and enter the correct email address and password.
  • Now select manage to book and click on the pet option and select the flight that you want to carry.
  • You can select cargo flight service in order to book a flight for your pet in which you can carry your dog, cat, domestic birds, and rats and so on.
  • It is also important to carry on the flight service that will provide you basic instruction to select the flight instantly.
  • As per the policy, you can select your favorite flight in which you can carry on the pet in term of moving to your favorite location.

For more help, you can contact customer representative who will provide you basic instructions simply.


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