How to Change Flight On Etihad Airways?

Here’s How To Change Flight On Etihad Airways?

Change in plans are usually unpredictable and if they get unavoidable then changing flight is the best option to save money and time. However, one has to make sure that he knows about the important guidelines and fee that may come with changing flights. In this way, changing flights can become a lot easier and convenient.

When it comes to the Etihad Airways, the airline is quite flexible with its flight change policy and fee. So, if you have been looking for online process for change flight of Etihad Airways and important guidelines then here’s what you need to know.

Online Steps To Change Flights On Etihad Airways

  • The following steps will help you to change flight tickets on Etihad Airways without any hassle.
  • Visit the official website of Etihad Airways in your web browser and switch to the Manage tab
  • Here, select the View or Change booking option and then enter the following details to fetch your booking details

Booking Reference or Ticket number

Your last name

  • You can find both the details mentioned on your Etihad booking itinerary
  • Select the Manage Booking option and then click on Find My Booking button
  • Now, select the Change button and then follow the onscreen instructions to see if your ticket is eligible for change
  • If yes then again follow the onscreen instruction to change your Etihad flight and then pay for fare difference (if required)

Moreover have a look at the Etihad Airways Change Flight policy & fee to make your flight change easier.

Important Guidelines From The Change Flight Policy Of Etihad Airways

  • You can make changes in your Etihad bookings 96 hours to 24 hours prior to your scheduled departure time. However, 10% of your fare price will be charged as a change flight fee.
  • Change flight fee may also vary depending on the routes and your Etihad Airways fare type
  • You’ll be payable for the fare difference among your original flight and next flight if the fare price of the next flight is higher than the original one.

Contact Reservation Centre For More Information On Flight Change On Etihad Airways

If you face any issue while changing your Etihad flight with the help of aforementioned information then feel free to contact the airline’s reservation centre. The professionals will assist you on the process of change flight of Etihad Airways. Moreover, you can also take further consultation on change flight on Etihad Airways from the professionals.

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