Pet Policy Of Emirates Airlines

How To Carry Your Pet On Emirates Flight?

Many of us love to take our furry friend while traveling via flights. When it comes to the most popular Dubai based airline- Emirates, the airline does welcome pets in its flights. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind form its pet policy. If you have been planning to take your beloved pet in Emirates flight then here’s what you need to know.

Important To Know From The Pet Policy Of Emirates

  • Emirates does not allow pets in its flight’s cabin areas apart from the following exceptions:
  • Falcons are allowed in flights travelling in Dubai and some destinations in Pakistan
  • Guide dogs for blinds are allowed to travel in flight cabins
  • Other animals are only allowed to travel as Cargo in Emirates flights
  • The excess baggage fee for pet carrier will vary from $500-$800 depending on how much the weight limit is exceeded
  • The weight limit for pet carrier must not exceed more than 32 kgs
  • Emirates does not restrict you from carrying any number of pets in its flight. However, the pet restrictions are subjected to the country in which you are traveling.
  • If your pet’s weight is more than 14 kg then you’ll have to keep your pet in a separate pet carrier. If not then you can keep two pets in a single container.
  • Emirates only accept animals in its flights that are approved by their veterinarians. You also have to submit a valid health certificate.
  • If you are traveling for an international destination then you’ll have to submit a valid import document to the Emirates

Hence, the aforementioned important guidelines are all that you needed to know about Emirates Airlines pet policy. Furthermore, contact customer care to gain more information or clarify doubts.

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