Emirates Airlines Airport Office in Dallas (DFW), US

At the time of planning a trip, there are some initial steps that you take to make your journey experience pleasant. After the reservation and everything, you need to pack your bags, but you might also need to know many things related to the Airport. Emirates will provide you with all the details about your tickets and flight, but if you want to know about your baggage, lost baggage, check-in, parking, exits or entry gates, terminals, etc., then the Airport will help you the best. To gather information about all these, you will need the contact details of the Emirates Airlines Airport Office in Dallas so that you can quickly contact them and resolve your issues immediately. Therefore, it will make your journey experience pleasant and comfortable.

The contact information for Dallas Airport is given below:

  • Emirates airline phone number at Dallas Airport - +18007773999
  • The office address of Emirates Airlines Dallas Airport - Terminal D, DFW International Airport, 3200 East Airfield Drive, Dallas Fort Worth TX 75261, Dallas, USA
  • Office phone number of Dallas Airport for Emirates booking - +1 800 777 3999 (24-hour service)
  • Emirates Baggage-related query at the Dallas Airport - +1 844 556 1400

Other Ways to Contact Emirates Airlines:

There are other ways to contact Emirates Airlines, all of which are direct and easy to access. Choose the one which is convenient for you and get in touch with Emirates:

Connect via Phone:

The Emirates Airlines Phone Number is the fastest way to connect to the customer service of Emirates Airlines. They will directly connect with you and give you the best solutions for the problems and resolve the troubles you might get during the journey. Follow the below steps to get the phone number of Emirates:

  • Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Scroll down to Help and click on Help and Contacts.
  • Get down to Contact us Worldwide, and the next page will open.
  • Add your country name in the search bar, and the phone number will be provided.

Connect via Live Chat: 

This service will provide a live person on chat if you want to avoid talking to a stranger on call. The live chat agent will listen to your queries carefully and provide valuable solutions. The live chat is available for 24 hours. Go through the given procedure to get their live chat support:

  • Visit the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • Click on Help at the top and select Help and Contacts.
  • Scroll down to Live chat and click on start live chat to open the message box.
  • Fill in your first and last name and email address, and start the chat.

Connect via Email: 

If you have any feedback, complaint, compliment, etc., you can inform Emirate Airlines about it through Email. They will revert you as soon as possible and make the required changes according to your suggestions, complaints, or feedback. Emirates will make sure they take significant action on your complaint. The email address of the Airline is given below:


The information that will help you to connect to Emirates Airlines has been given, go through it and ensure a safe, pleasant, and comfortable journey for yourself. For more queries, go to the official website of Emirates Airlines.

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