Does JetBlue Charge for Phone Reservations?

Want to Know JetBlue Charge for Phone Reservations? Get All Information Here

With the advancement in technology, traveling has become an easy task to do. Now, you can make reservations online from the airline's website. Additionally, if you worry about making reservations online, you can contact the reservation support of JetBlue to book flight tickets. Over a phone call, you can book your flight tickets without any hassle. All you need to do is providing the flight details and your flight tickets get booked instantly. Moreover, you should go through this post if you wonder about the JetBlue charge for phone reservations, here you will get every single detail about phone flight booking.

Does JetBlue Charge for Phone Reservations?

When you book a flight on JetBlue through a phone, you need to pay a $25 fee per person. However, you may save this $25 fee by making reservations online from the website of the airline. Additionally, this fee can be exempted in the given circumstances:

  • Bookings of more than seven people
  • If a customer is unable to book online in a condition like physically, emotionally, or cognitively
  • JetBlue Travel Certificates
  • JetBlue Vacations packages
  • Bookings made at city ticket offices (CTOs)
  • When there are multiple forms of payment that are not available online
  • One-way bookings originating in Cuba
  • Bookings made at the airport
  • A child traveling with an adult(s) booked on a separate reservation

Also, many travel search engines offer flight tickets at cheaper fare without charging any additional fees. You can contact them to get your flight bookings done. Above all, if you want to book tickets online, you can go through the procedure to avoid JetBlue charge for phone reservations.

Follow the Steps to Book a Flight Ticket without Any Additional Charges

  • Go to the website of the airline and select the Trip.
  • Next, choose the destinations for your flight.
  • Also, select the dates and number of passengers for your flight booking.
  • Besides, you see accessible flights to your destination once you click the Search button.
  • Thereafter, choose a suitable flight option, you need to proceed.
  • Enter the required flight details and customize your booking as per your requirements.
  • Further, on the payment page, complete the flight booking process by making a payment.

Once the payment completes, you receive a confirmation and your flight booking is done without paying the JetBlue charge for phone reservations. In addition to this, if you need more information, contact the customer service team to get help.

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