Does JetBlue Accept Rapid Covid Test?

Ever since WHO declares the Covid 19 pandemic, JetBlue has taken all the precautionary measures to provide the best services. The airline follows all guidelines set by WHO to provide you a safe journey. So, if you plan to travel to your destination on JetBlue, you must have a negative Covid test report. It reduces the chances of quarantine requirements before and after the travel to some destinations.

Besides, there are many places where you can test yourself for the Covid-19 test that includes the airports, home, or at your destination. So, if you get a thought that does JetBlue accept rapid Covid test, then, yes, you can travel by providing a negative report for COVID. But before you travel to your destination on JetBlue, you must know some essential information.

Things to Know Before You Travel on JetBlue

  • Before anything else, you should visit the Travel Alerts page on the JetBlue Airlines website. There you can check the essentials that you must have while traveling to your selected destination.
  • You may know what kind of test you may require to fly to the destination and other details.
  • As per the CDC guidelines, all travelers flying to the U.S. must present recovery from Covid-19 before boarding a flight.
  • Also, you may provide the negative PCR or antigen viral test. Make sure you have a report which is not older than three days.
  • Additionally, receipt of the vaccine doesn't help you to get an exemption. A laboratory report printed on paper or electronic form would allow you to board a flight.

At-Home Testing

If you plan a trip to the United States from Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Aruba, Costa Rica, or Mexico, the Vault's accessible at home or destination test is available. The saliva-based test for COVID under video supervision, the test results get available within 72 hours. You can order the Vault test conduction at home for these destinations.

Airport Testing Options

The airline provides you many convenient services, among which you can find convenient Covid testing at the airport terminals. You can also find the Rapid Molecular and PCR testing at Boston, New York, And Newark at XpresChecks.

With this information, you won't be wondering that does JetBlue accept rapid Covid test. Yet, you have more queries regarding COVID-19 testing before flying to your destination on JetBlue; you may contact the support team. The experts of JetBlue support are there to help you around the clock.

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