Does Avianca Give Full Refund?

Avianca is a widely popular airline of Colombia. It is popular due to its budget-friendly flights to multiple destinations. If you have already booked your flight, but you have to cancel the booking due to an urgent medical emergency, you can claim a refund. If you are confused about “Does Avianca give full refund?” then you must go through important policies and procedures to claim a refund provided in the upcoming section. 

Avianca refund policies:

If any customer wants to request a refund from Avianca, then he must always carefully refer to the refund policies given below carefully:

  • If a refund request is made within 24 hours of flight booking, then customers are eligible to receive a full refund for flight cancellations.
  • If you purchase a ticket using XS, S, and M fare, then a refund request cannot be made.
  • For the refund request made after 24 hours, there will be a deduction in your refunded amount.
  • If Avianca cancels your flight, they generally provide the next available option; if that does not go well with your traveling plan, you can cancel it and request a refund.
  • XXL fare class travelers can request a refund for flight cancellations. 

Conditions that enable you to obtain a full refund from Avianca: 

Customers must fulfill the following conditions to obtain a full-refund from Avianca:

  • If any person cancels their reservation due to a medical emergency, he must provide supporting certificates.
  • Full refunds will be given to passengers if they cancel the booking within the initial 24 hours of booking. 
  • Avianca give full refund if you purchased tickets in a higher fare class. 
  • If you are an airline premium loyalty program member and purchased a ticket in Business class.

What is the process for requesting a refund from Avianca? 

Ticket holders can use any of the following procedures to request a refund from Avianca:

Online process:

To use this approach following steps must be followed by customers:

  • Go to the official website of Avianca Airlines.
  • Select the field “My Trips” from the menu bar.
  • To manage your booking, you must enter the reservation number and the passenger's last name.
  • When you click on the continue button, you will discover your ticket.
  • Once you select your ticket, you need to press on the refund form link.
  • Now you will be navigated to a page where you are supposed to fill in the mandatory information. 
  • Also, give a brief description of your reason for claiming a refund and attach the verifying documents.
  • Press the submit button. 

The offline process to request a refund:

If an online approach is not available to any customer due to any technical issue or any other problem, he can use this method. For this, he must dial Avianca Customer Service Phone Number: 018000-953-434 And request airline representatives to get a refund. Customers must provide a valid-reason for claiming a refund and provide their reservation details.

How much time is taken by Avianca to refund your money? 

After you select any of the above-mentioned approaches to request a refund, if your reason is considered valid, then it will take approximately 20-30 business days, according to your transaction medium, to process your request. Your money will be refunded in the original mode of payment. 

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