Does Air India Require PCR Test?

Do I Need to Have a PCR Test to Travel by Air India?

With the entrance of Covid-19 into the whole world, every country has been affected due to the virus. There are several questions that passengers have to know before they travel to any place in the world with Air India. Passengers who have purchased their flight tickets on Air India will always ask Does Air India require a PCR test? These types of questions arrive in passengers' minds when they are about to board the flight on the departure date. Airlines have some terms and conditions according to which passengers do not have to take a PCR test if they are traveling within the country to clear their doubts.

Does It Take an RT PCR Test for International Flights?

Passengers who are traveling to an international destination will have to follow some of the terms and conditions of Air India before taking flights. Every passenger wants to know Air India RT PCR test requirements for international flights. These Covid policies were formed after the Covid pandemic hit the country and other places. 

Rules to Follow Before Traveling to International Destinations:

Here are the terms and conditions of Air India at the time of Covid and also after the lockdown:

  • The passengers need to have an RT PCR test when traveling to international destinations. There should be adverse test reports with the passengers that are done 72 hours prior to the scheduled time of the flight.
  • Travelers should also be vaccinated with both doses of vaccines. Carry the certificates of vaccination with you. Always carry extra masks with you and keep changing them after every one hour of use. 
  • Passengers or children below the age of 12 years are exempted from the RT PCR test. But at the time of arrival, there will be health tests done for them and their family.
  • It is essential also to get the test after the passengers have arrived at the destination; if the passengers are positive, they will be isolated for a week.
  • Also, fellow passengers of the infected passengers will be required to get isolated to prevent the spreading of the infection. 
  • At the time of check-in, boarding, and on the board, keep maintaining the distance between the passengers and the airport and airline staff members.
  • Do not move unnecessarily from your seats. Do not touch luggage or things of other passengers. Avoid speaking or communicating with your fellow passengers as much as possible.
  • Do not remove masks until and unless you will suffocate. In this case, contact the airline staff; they will provide proper help to the travelers.
  • If using washrooms, try to close the lid and flush the toilet, as open pots can spread germs and infect the traveler.

Other Requirements from Air India that Passengers Should Carry with them:

After following Air India covid test requirements, passengers also have to keep in mind the things and documents they should have at the time of landing in the other country and traveling to different places. These are the documents that passengers should carry:

  • Valid passport of the traveler.
  • Government-authorized identity proof.
  • If travelers are students of college or school, their university or school identity cards.
  • Voter ID cards of the country.
  • Vaccination certificates. 
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