Does Air India Offer Senior Citizen Discounts?

Being an Indian than it is in your DNA to look for the definite possibility of lowering your risk about the Covid and is discount on prices tickets. But along with this, one more thing that people have inherited all their life from one generation to another. And with all these thoughts in mind, Air India offers discounts to Senior citizens on their flight tickets. Flights are often considered the most effective mode of transport. This concession and discount vary from one airline to another, and as far as the prices are concerned, Air India is ace it in every possible way. Do people always have a donut about Air India Offer Senior Citizen Discounts? So. let's understand the rules prescribed by the airline for the senior citizen concession and how the passengers can avail the offer. 

Rules and regulations of Air India for Senior Citizen Concession

Air India java recently announced an offer for all senior citizens that they are allowed to get a discount of 50% on their flight tickets. The passengers are allowed to avail of this offer on most of their routes with Air India and can easily find this offer on the website of Air India. The scheme is allowed for people above the age of 60, and the reservation is required to be made at least three hours before the scheduled departure of your flight ticket. Let's elaborate on the eligibility, documents, and terms and conditions required for Air India Senior Citizen Discounts. You" find the summarised vision of all the information that is needed to be known by you.

  • The passengers are eligible for this offer if the senior is above 60 years of age on the day when they wish to plan the journey.
  • The passengers are required to provide a valid photo ID mentioning the date and time of their birth, PAN Card, Voter's ID, Aadhar Card, Driver's license, or even the senior Citizen ID card Air India offers to the passengers is valid. 
  • The discount on your flight tickets will be 50% of their total reservation amount but is only available to certain booking classes in the economy class range of the airline.
  • The passengers are allowed to avail of the discount on their flight ticket only when the reservation of the flight ticket is made at least three days before the scheduled departure of their domestic and international flight ticket.
  • The discount voucher issued to the passengers is valid for up to one year counted from the date when it's issued.
  • Flight cancellation, change, change in flight date, and refund on this offer; however, there are a few conditions that are required to be known before proceeding with the cancelation or change. 
  • If the person didn't bring their ID at the time of check-in or at the flight's boarding gate, they would not be allowed to board the flight, and their flight ticket also becomes non-refundable as the fare will be forfeited.  


For more information, visit the official website of Air India to know does Air India Offer Senior Citizen Discounts. And more information related to the same. 

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