Do I Need a COVID Test to Fly United Airlines?

Traveling via air after the COVID pandemic remains the same as before, and airlines apply lots of restrictions due to the varied safety standards. If you are traveling with United Airlines to your preferred destination, then you must require a Covid test before flying. It is mandatory to know about the different rules and things related to Covid testing before booking a flight with United Airlines to your preferred destination. So before you apply for a Covid-19 test to fly United Airlines, make sure that you have complete knowledge about the testing requirements and other things related to the Covid test.

Face Masks Requirement for All Travelers

  • As per federal law, all travelers aged 2 or more is required to wear a face mask without any vent that will have to cover the mouth and nose.
  • If any traveler does not wear a face mask during the travel or airport may be denied travel and fined a certain amount.
  • Travelers also avoid touching the highly sensitive area if applicable and must carry a hand sanitizer during the travel.

COVID-19 Testing and Vaccination Requirements

  • The CDC has mandatory all travelers flying to/from the U.S, including U.S citizens, to prove a COVID-18 negative test.
  • The test shouldn’t be older, more than three days or 72 hours before the scheduled departure.
  • It should be a viral test like NAAT or Antigen or any other test that will show Covid negative results.
  • Vaccination is required along with the negative COVID-19 test report for the travelers who are not U.S citizens and traveling to the U.S.
  • If a traveler from the U.S or legal resident can fly within the USA without a Covid test if they are fully vaccinated.

COVID-19 Test Documentation

  • Every traveler must show their negative COVID-19 test results or its related documentation before boarding.
  • If the traveler’s name is not properly mentioned on the test report and does not match the passport, United Airlines may deny the travel anytime.
  • If any traveler fails to submit the documents or proper information, then they can’t travel with United Airlines as their travel will be denied.

You will be able to know about do I need a COVID test to fly United Airlines with the help of the above-described instructions. You can also speak to the customer service team at United Airlines to obtain valuable assistance on every query related to the Covid test or other things.

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