Do I Need a COVID Test to Fly on Delta Airlines?

Situations don’t remain the same as before since pandemic conditions begin especially traveling via air, become a complicated thing because the airline has prescribed plenty of restrictions for the passengers traveling to both domestic and international routes. If you are thinking of traveling with Delta Airlines, then you must require a negative COVID-19 negative test along with the other travel restrictions. Many travelers ask do I need a Covid test to fly on Delta due to the improper knowledge about it, and if you also want to know about the prescribed restrictions, then go through the mentioned instructions.

Delta Airlines COVID-19 Testing Requirements

  • Travelers ages 18 and above must be fully vaccinated when traveling to the U.S and should have proof of vaccination.
  • Travelers have to provide the negative COVID test, and it should not be older than three days or 72 hours from the scheduled departure.
  • If you are a U.S citizen and traveling domestically, you don’t need a COVID test if vaccinated. Otherwise, Delta Airlines ask COVID negative test that should be taken one day before the scheduled departure.
  • Non-U.S citizens will have to submit a negative COVID test, which should be taken as per the prescribed testing methods.

Delta Airlines COVID-19 Documentation Requirement

  • It is mandatory to have a valid proof of COVID negative report; otherwise, the airlines may deny your boarding.
  • Make sure that the name is mentioned correctly on the test report and matches the name mentioned on your passport.
  • Some of the approved tests by CDC for COVID-19 include RT-PCR, LAMP, NEAR, molecular, etc.
  • A negative report must be submitted during the check-in at the airport on both departure and arrival destinations.

Delta Airlines COVID-19 Safety Requirements 

  • All the travelers must wear a face mask during the travel covering their mouth and nose.
  • Travelers are recommended to sanitize their hands before and during travel, and they should avoid touching the susceptible area.
  • If any passenger does not follow the COVID restrictions at the airport or during the flight, their boarding may be denied, and they will charge some fine from them as prescribed by the airlines.

The above-described instructions can help to know the required COVID test to fly Delta Airlines quickly and travel as per the prescribed rules by airlines. But if you need any additional assistance related to COVID-19 testing or others, contact the customer service team of Delta Airlines and get the immediate resolution on each query.

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