Do I Need a Covid Test to Fly Aeromexico?

Covid Guidelines that Passengers Should Follow on Aeromexico Airlines

Considering the current scenario, the aviation industry has imposed dynamic travel restrictions as per the situation’s demand. If you are traveling with Aeromexico and want to know do I need a Covid test to fly Aeromexico, stick to this page and read all the travel requirements and restrictions that the airline has imposed on passengers. This write will guide all the covid test requirements, restrictions, regulations, etc. 

Covid 19 Rules and Regulations of Aeromexico Airlines

Have a look at the latest points to get information regarding rules and regulations of Aeromexico covid policy under the current scenario. Following these rules will help prevent the covid 19 widespread on a global basis:

  • Passengers older than two years must fill out the contact form given by Aeromexico when their check-in process. 
  • All fully vaccinated passengers must carry a physical or digital version of their vaccination certificate stating that they have been fully vaccinated.
  • A rapid antigen or PCR covid test report is required, which must be taken within 24 hours before your flight to prove covid-19 Negative for all fully vaccinated passengers.
  • Passengers must carry and complete a passenger attestation copy of covid-19 under the policy of Aeromexico covid-19.
  • As per the requirements and restrictions of Aeromexico flight, non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated passengers are not allowed to board the flight.
  • Self-attestation copy that can be downloaded from the official website of Aeromexico should be carried at check-in.
  • If you are a resident of the USA or a citizen, you can travel with Aeromexico airlines despite being non-vaccinated or partially vaccinated with the dosage of the covid 19 vaccine. However, in such cases, the passenger has to show a negative covid-19 test result that can be either PCR or rapid antigen taken within 24 hours of their departure time.
  • Passengers are advised to wear the mask and carry a Mask with themselves during all the check-in procedures at the airport in the flight. The airport staff and crew members must wear Masks all the time.
  • A few destinations are restricted as per the covid 19 policy of Aeromexico; you can check these restricted destinations from the official website.
  • If you are traveling with an infant age of 2, they are not required for any covid-19 test.
  • Passengers who have special circumstances where emergency travel is required to preserve their health and safety can travel with Aeromexico by demanding is special services.
  • Passengers who do not follow the covid restrictions imposed by Aeromexico airlines will have to pay the penalty and face legal enforcement.
  • Passengers who have recently recovered from covid and wish to travel with the Aeromexico airlines are required to show all the necessary documents that are States themselves to be healthy for further travel signed by an authorized health person.
  • All the arrow Mexico passengers are requested to perform the web check-in process to avoid the long queues at the airport.
  • Antibody tests are non-acceptable as per the policy of Aeromexico covid-19.
  • You are requested to avoid your travel plans if you have any symptoms related to covid-19 illness.

Hence this was all the detailed information regarding the rules and restrictions of covid 19 if you are traveling with Aeromexico airlines. In case of any further difficulty or information, you are free to connect with the Aeromexico customer service number, which is active throughout the day, to help and assist the passengers. 

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