Do I Need a Covid Test Before Flying American Airlines?

Traveling didn’t remain the same since the pandemic came under control, and airlines took every single precaution for the safety of their travelers. To improve the safety and stop the spreading of Covid, every airline has mandatory the Covid test, and American Airlines is one of them. If you are traveling with American Airlines, then you must submit a negative Covid test before boarding and flying to your preferred destination. If you are thinking about do I need a Covid test before flying American Airlines and don’t have any idea about the testing requirement or related things, then you must know about it.

American Airlines COVID-19 Testing Requirements 

Before you book a flight with American Airlines, ensure that you have the proper knowledge about the various testing process of Covid. American Airlines offers at-home and in-person testing that is part of the pre-flight process, and you can also submit your report to verify the app. By dialing American Airlines phone number, you can get reliable information about the Covid testing, or you can also go through the below instructions:

  • You will have to submit a negative Covid test report, and this report should not be older than 72 hours of the travel date.
  • The testing should be done through verified testing methods. The name of the traveler should also be mentioned in the report.
  • It doesn’t require Covid testing for the domestic route flights, but if any traveler is unvaccinated, it is necessary to get tested one to three days before traveling.

American Airlines COVID-19 Testing Methods

At-home testing

American Airlines is partnered with LetsGetChecked that offers at-home PCR testing to the passengers flying to Hawaii routes. Passengers can get the testing kits before the scheduled departure of the flight, and the timing of these tests is 48 hours and will be performed under the follow-up of a medical professional. You can also check the official website of American Airlines and read the testing requirements as per your preferred location.

In-person testing

Passengers flying from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport have varied testing options before the scheduled departure of the flight. With the partnered CareNow, you can find the nearby location to the airport and go through the rapid Covid-19 test. The cost of this test varies upon the location and the type of your flight booking with American Airlines.

VeriFLY App

It is a health passport app that can help manage all sorts of travel tasks, and you can also use it to upload negative COVID-19 test results, vaccination certificates, and other health documents. You will get a green checkmark as a verified passenger if you upload a negative report and other related documents to American Airlines. VeriFLY is only available to the selected international routes but available to all the U.S destinations.

If you still have any queries related to COVID-19 testing even after following the above-described instructions, dial American Airlines customer service phone number at 800-433-7300 and obtain the required assistance from a live representative. They will proffer the relevant information on your different queries related to American Airlines, whether it’s COVID testing or other.

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