What is Difference Between Business Class and First Class?

Whenever you travel via air to your domestic or international destination, confusion related to flight booking remains because most travelers always confuse which premium class is better to travel business class or first class. Most travelers search about the features of these classes and find almost the same when traveling to their preferred route. If you are making a travel plan and don’t know about the difference between business class and first class, then you must know before making your reservations with any one of them.

Here what’s Common Difference Between Business Class and First Class:

Seating, luggage, and Space

Both business class and first class provide a comfortable seating experience to its passengers, and one can enjoy more legroom in both classes. From luggage space, USB charging ports, seat reclining, everything you can find when travelling in these classes. But you will not get a personal cabin in business class compared to first class; you will only get extra legroom in business class.

Lounge Access

You can get lounge access at the airport whether you are a business class passenger or booked a flight in first class. But you will get complimentary drinks or food if you have booked your flight in the first class while the priority-based check-in facility is the same for both class passengers.


You will get the high-end traveling amenities when traveling in both first class, such as in-flight entertainment, on-board food order, and other amenities. You will get pajama and night kids in the first class, but you will not get such kinds of things in business class. Free Wi-Fi is available for both completely free class passengers, and one can access the internet to stream videos, music, and movies. Along with these facilities, you may also get a private shower when traveling in the first class.

Food and Drink

You will get complimentary drinks and food when traveling in First class, whereas you will only get a complimentary drink on arrival. You can select your favorite food from the delicious menu and request it from the cabin crew.

Baggage and boarding

Airlines allow its premium passengers to carry more baggage during travel that mostly depends on your route type. Business class passengers can take up to 2 bags during the travel whereas first class passengers can add up to 3 bags per passenger for the international destinations with the maximum weight as compared to business class.


The cost of both business class and first class depends on the route type, and you can calculate this amount during the flight booking. The first class cost more than the business class due to the more services and amenities as compared to business class.

You will be able to know about what is difference between business class and first class with the help of above-described instructions in a very quick manner. You can also get through the customer service team of airlines to get more information about the features or facilities of both these first class and business class.

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