How to Change Flight on Delta Airlines?

Often confirmed plans change or get cancelled because of change in mind. Suppose if you have made reservations in Delta Airlines but now you don’t want to fly anymore then it allows easy flight changing policies. Suppose if you want to change flight on Delta Airlines or maybe the date of travelling, then you can easily follow few steps and make necessary changes. To find out how to change your flight in Delta, tap below.

Steps to Change Flight in Delta Airlines

  • Click on the official web page of Delta Airlines and look for find your trips option.
  • Under the same heading, click on my trips and choose your flight that needs to be changed. Moving next, select start flight change’ and at the same time select any alternative flight.
  • Complete the process by following onscreen steps and pay if there is any fare difference. And your flight changes will be confirmed.

Delta Airlines Change Flight Policy

  • Apart from making changes online, you can also change your flight by calling on the reservation helpline number.
  • The maximum time allowed to change flight is till 24 hours before flight departure.
  • The only changes passengers are allowed to make are date, time and flight they want to travel.
  • If you want to make changes in the flight the same day of flight departure, then there are different policies known as same day flight change.
  • There are no charges for making changes within 24 hours of booking but you might have to pay a certain amount if you make changes in last few hours of flight departure.

And that’s all for the steps of Delta Airlines change flight. In case you have any doubt, contact customer care helpline number of Delta Airlines. You can contact them through mail or call.

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