How to Book Corner Seat in Southwest Airlines?

What are The Best Ways of Booking a Corner Seat on Southwest Airlines?

Do you want to corner seat on Southwest flight? They don't provide any seat assignment before check-in, hence booking a preferred seat depends on boarding, which indirectly connected to the check-in timing of travelers. Getting a desired seat on the flight is very essentials for making a journey utmost comfortable. Thus, you can book a corner seat on Southwest Airlines in several ways through getting early access to the plane. If you want to get familiarized with the different ways to book corner seat on Southwest Airlines, refer to the methods discussed below.

Advanced Check-in:

  • Check-in to Southwest flight exactly in 24 hours before its scheduled departure increases the chances to get a desired corner seat on the flight.
  • Travelers who have booked a flight through Wanna Get Away fare also have the advantage of advanced check-in.
  • Hence, as soon as you check-in to a flight, the assurance of booking a corner seat on flight increases.

EarlyBird Check-in:

  • Purchasing an EarlyBird check-in ticket, which costs between 15-25 dollars, increases the chance to book a preferred seat on the Southwest flights.
  • The travelers who have purchases EarlyBird check-in tickets on Southwest Airlines, gets automatically check-in up to 36 hours prior from scheduled departure.
  • The prior check-in improves your boarding position on the flight hence your chances to book a desired corner seat on the flight increases with it.

Upgrade Boarding Pass:

  • You can upgrade your boarding pass at the airport, which cost between 30-50 dollars.
  • The upgraded boarding pass provide the prior access to the airplane hence the chances to book a corner seat improves with it.

Business Select Fare:

  • If you have booked your flight via business select fare, then it doesn’t matter what time you check-in, anyhow you will get prior boarding to the place.
  • Therefore, the better boarding position helps to get a corner seat on flight more considerably.

Similarly, the above-discussed methods also increase your chance to book a window Seat in Southwest Airlines or any other preferred seats you wish. Besides, you can contact a customer care personal from Southwest Airlines for assistance.

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