What Is Copa Airlines Pet Policy?

Travel With Your Pet Easily Without Any Restrictions With Copa Airlines Pet Policy

Do you love your pet and can’t leave them for a second? Then it can be a difficult thing to carry them all the time and especially when you travel via air because it is almost impossible to travel with your pet on a flight. But there are lots of airlines carrier proffer the facility of travelling with pet and Copa airlines is one among those. Copa airlines allow passengers to travel with their favorite pet to multiple destinations. But there are some kinds of rules and restrictions prescribed by the Copa airlines and it is better to know pet policy before making a reservation for your favorite pet.

Copa Airlines Pet Policy

If you know about the pet policy of Copa Airlines, then you can go through the below Pet Policy of Copa Airlines to better know about that and learn about the rules and restrictions:

Pets Allowed in the Cabin

  • Only dogs and cats are allowed to carry during the travel and accepted as a carry-on.
  • It doesn’t accept any kind of household bird neither as carry-on nor as cargo on the international and domestic flights within Panama.
  • If any pet doesn’t touch these prescribed parameters, then it is not allowed to travel.

Main Terms & Conditions for the Transportation of Pets in the Cabin

  • Your pet must be more than 8 weeks old and if it is less than it, then it is impossible to transporting alone inside the container or cage.
  • Copa Airlines doesn’t allow the pet to travel in business class.
  • Only passengers will be responsible for enclosing the pet inside the container or cage including the removing along with enclosing.
  • If you are traveling on a flight which is connecting to other airlines, then you are not allowed to travel with your pet.

Carry-on Baggage

Copa airlines only transport pets inside the passenger’s cabin from Monday to Friday on entire international flights. This carry-on baggage policy is not applicable for the flights fly within Panama. You have to follow the Copa Airlines Pet Policy cost via below instructions:

  • Only one pet is allowed in each container.
  • Only one pet per passenger is permitted to travel.
  • Children, whose age is 11 years, not allowed traveling with pets inside the cabin.

Containers or Cages

Make sure that your container or cage is fulfilling the terms and conditions prescribed by the Copa airlines which are given below:

  • You can take maximum of 3 cages in the main cabin during the travel.
  • The material of the cage should be made of metal, wood or plastic.
  • The container must be neat, cleaned and leakage proof against any kind of liquid.
  • The dimension of soft rigid cages should be 13 x 17 x 7.5 inches and for the soft side’s cage, it should be 11 x 18 x 11 inches.
  • The maximum weight of cage including the pet should be 20 lb.
  • Pets are not permitted in Business class and any prefer member who is travelling with pets inside the cabin will not be eligible for any kind of complimentary upgrades.


When you travel with your pets, then you will be charged a fee for each way which will be based on excess baggage cost. You can also go through the below instructions to know about the cost:

  • For the domestic flights, per container or cage’s cost, is US$25 that includes any tax according to the country.
  • For the international flights, per container or cage’s cost, is US$125 that includes applicable taxes.

With the help of above-listed Copa Airlines Pet Policy, you can simply travel with your pet without any difficulties. In case you are not able to understand this policy or need more assistance regarding that, then contact the customer service team of Copa Airlines and avail the required information.

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