What Is Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Thinking to Cancel the Copa Airlines Flight Ticket? Know the Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy

When you cancel a flight booking on Copa Airlines, you should know the cancellation policy of the airline. Because when you have all the information about the cancellation, it becomes easier for you to cancel your flight. Also, you may get a full refund for the flight cancellation.

Besides, to provide you all the information for making a cancellation, the refund policy of Copa Airlines is mentioned below, you can go through them to get a full refund.

What Is the Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy?

  • When a cancellation is made on Copa Airlines under 24 hours of flight booking, in that case, there will be no cancellation charges.
  • Also, if the flight ticket is eligible for the flight refund, then, the passenger can request a refund within 24 hours of flight booking cancellation.
  • Moreover, the refund will be provided according to the fare rules of Copa Airlines. In this way, some amount of money can be deducted from the flight ticket while issuing a refund.
  • As per the Copa Airlines Cancellation Policy, you will get a refund for unused tickets excluding the penalty fee applied to your flight booking and the non-refundable taxes defined by the fare rule.
  • If you need to cancel a non-refundable flight ticket on Copa Airlines, then, you may use the amount of money after the deduction for making another flight booking.
  • Just in case, you don't make another flight reservation on canceling the non-refundable flight, your refund will be limited to tax and airport fees which may vary from flight to flight.

Cancel Your Flight Booking on Copa Airlines Instantly

If you need to know more about the Copa Airlines cancellation policy or the cancellation procedure, you may contact the customer service team of Copa Airlines. The reservation support team will help you thoroughly and will provide you all the required information.

  • Customer Reviews
      • Copa airlines cancelled our tickets in March due to travel restrictions in Central America. They will not give me a cash refund, only a voucher, which I will not be using by 2021. I have contacted them and asked for a refund under their conditions of carriage. They still refuse. Please, any advice?

      • had my reservation cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemia. I just got news that the US Department of Transportation ordered airlines to refund air fares. Can you help me with a refund cancellatioon, Thanks. Marco Rinaldi

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