How to Change Reservation Date on Southwest Airlines?

Check Out the Detailed Procedure to Change the Date for Southwest Flight Tickets

While planning a trip, most of the travelers are concerned whether they would be able to find an affordable flight ticket or not? Fortunately, some airlines keep these points in mind and offer their customers the best possible deal for confirming the reservations.

Besides, there are a few airlines who even offer the service of changing the date for the booked itinerary. So, in case, if you have already booked reservations with Southwest, the passenger is required to keep certain conditions in mind mentioned in this article.

Policy for Changing Reservations with Southwest Airlines

Before the passengers opt for Change Reservation Date on Southwest Airlines service, the passenger is required to keep these pointers in mind and manage their trip with the airlines accordingly. 

  • As per the airline policy, the passenger can modify their itinerary 24 hours before the departure of the flight. 
  • And as per the airline provision, the passenger is not required to pay any flight change fee as mentioned in the airline flight change policy. 
  • However, at the time of changing the flight ticket, the passenger is required to pay the fare difference to confirm the alternative flight ticket. 

Now, for the passengers who are wondering how to change the date for their booked itinerary, they are required to follow the procedure mentioned below. 

Procedure to Change the Date for Southwest Airlines Flight Ticket

  • For changing the date of the itinerary, the passenger needs to visit the airline website. 
  • After that, the passenger needs to click on the Change option present on the homepage. 
  • Further, the passenger is required to provide the confirmation number with the name printed on the booking. 
  • Now, the passenger needs to click on the Search option to retrieve the booking. 
  • And once the booking is retrieved, the passenger is required to simply look for the alternative flight. 
  • After the selection of the alternative flight, the passenger needs to make payment for the excess fare. 
  • Once the payment is confirmed, the passenger will be provided with the confirmation email. 

Besides, for the passenger who has a query regarding the process, contact the reservation department.

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